Is there a Fear Street Part 4? Will there be another Fear Street movie?

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 scared up Sarah Fier’s backstory giving the audience a rundown of the events that led to the Shadyside curse. The film, initially set 300 years in the past, put into perspective the horrors that have plagued the town from generation to generation. But can fans of the movie series expect a Fear Street Part 4?

Spoilers ahead for Fear Street Part 3

Once Deena learns the truth of what happened to Sarah, she’s in a race to end the curse before she loses Sam forever. It’s a mission she’ll risk life and limb for as she and Josh are attacked from all sides by the Shadyside Killers.

In the final battle, however, Deena leaves behind a very important book. It’s an instruction manual on how to summon the Devil and his demons. This string left untied in Fear Street Part 3 leaves room for more movies.

Will there be a Fear Street Part 4?

The iteration of Fear Street that premiered on Netflix was conceptualized as a trilogy. As such there isn’t a Part 4 of the movie series premiering Friday, July 23. However, that doesn’t mean more movies in this universe aren’t in the realm of possibility.

Will there be more Fear Street movies?

The Fear Street films are based on the books by R.L. Stine. The originally series spawned multiple spin-offs which means there’s plenty of stories to adapt or draw inspiration from. Not to mention, at the end of Part 3, someone snatched the satanic book Deena left behind.

While we might not return to this cast of characters again, it’s likely Netflix isn’t done with Shadyside. Both the woods and the lake were mentioned in Part 3. The trilogy took us tramping through the forest in each film, however, we never ventured to the Shadyside lake outside of one of the killers drowning someone.

Perhaps another Fear Street movie will take us lakeside when horror is once again unleashed on the town. We’ll keep you posted on more Fear Street news as it comes in.