Do Deena and Sam survive in Fear Street Part 3: 1666?

The Fear Street trilogy is officially over, meaning fans of the horror genre can now binge all three exciting films on Netflix right now. While the films, which are based on R.L. Stine’s book series of the same name, are mainly about Sarah Fier (Elizabeth Scopel) and curse on Shadyside, they’re also about Deena and Sam‘s relationship.

Introduced in the first movie, Fear Street Part 1: 1994, Deena (Kiana Madeira) is a heartsick high schooler who feels trapped in Shadyside and wants to work things out with her estranged girlfriend, Sam (Olivia Wench). As we find out early on in the film, Sam moved to the rival town, Sunnyvale, and broke Deena’s heart in the process. Sam isn’t fully out to her parents or seemingly to her peers either, and this is something that really hurts Deena. Their relationship is very complex and it’s hard not to root for them throughout the movies.

Of course, the fact that Sam becomes possessed by the end of the first film — presumably by the witch Sarah Fier — throws a wrench in her relationship with Deena. But Deena is in love and won’t stop until she brings Sam back. And that’s exactly what she does.

Spoilers ahead for Fear Street Part 3: 1666.

What happens to Deena and Sam in Fear Street 3: 1666?

The second film, Fear Street Part 2: 1978, follows Deena and her brother Josh (Benjiman Flores Jr.) as they look for answers. They meet up with C. Berman (Gillian Jacobs), a woman who saw the witch and lived to tell the tale. Deena is determined to save Sam, so she must find out how to stop Sarah Fier.

C. Berman recalls what happened to her and her sister Cindy (Emily Rudd) back in 1978 at Camp Nightwing, when a man became possessed and went on a killing spree.

Unfortunately, C. Berman and her sister were unable to break the curse, and C. Berman is convinced Sarah Fier will never be stopped. But, of course, she’s wrong. In Fear Street Part 3: 1666, Deena sees a vision from Sarah’s point of view, where she gets to follow what happened to the witch when she was hanged. And as it turns out, Sarah Fier wasn’t a witch at all — just an outcast wrongfully accused.

In the end, thanks to the vision, Deena figures out who is actually behind the Shadyside curse, and spoiler alert: It’s not Sarah Fier.

Deena, Josh, and C. Berman break the curse and Shadyside is no longer the evil place it’s been for all those years. In turn, Sam is no longer possessed and is brought back to her normal self. In the final moments of the movie, Deena and Sam visit Sarah Fier’s grave, where Deena declares, “We’re still here because of her.”

And it’s true! Deena and Sam survive because of Sarah Fier. Who would’ve thought?

Be sure to binge all three Fear Street movies on Netflix right now.