Is Wonder Egg Priority on Netflix?

The anime series Wonder Egg Priority does not only have a unique name but also has quite a unique premise as this show tells the story of a young girl fighting to bring her late friend back to life. From the epic battles between Ai and killer monsters to the heartwarming moments full of friends having a good time, this series is nothing short of a beautiful tragedy, and fans certainly agree.

Whether you’re new to this action-packed anime or have been watching from the start, finding where you can stream every episode of this hidden gem may be near impossible, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where you can stream the first season as well as Wonder Egg Priority‘s special episode!

Is Wonder Egg Priority streaming on Netflix?

Unfortunately, at the moment, this 2021 anime is not available to stream on Netflix U.S. This could be due to the fact that the series is still relatively new and with its special episode releasing just last week, there could be some hesitation from the streaming giant to acquire the anime since new content is still being released.

Still, there is still a chance that Wonder Egg Priority could come to Netflix especially considering the fact that another CloverWorks series, The Promised Neverland, is currently only the platform and has been for a long time. While we’re hopeful, we’ll have to wait a little longer to know for sure if the show will ever be a part of Netflix’s anime lineup.

We’ll be sure to let you know when or if the series comes to Netflix, but while you wait, here are some other places where this anime is currently streaming.

Where to watch Wonder Egg Priority

You’re in luck, as you can watch every single episode of your favorite anime on Funimation upon subscription! As of right now, this is one of the few sites streaming the show, but hopefully, a couple of more platforms will have it sooner or later, too.

While you wait for the anime to make its way on over to Netflix, feel free to check out some other series similar to Wonder Egg Priority such as High Rise InvasionErased, and Violet Evergarden.