What is Sisters on Track on Netflix about?

If you’ve been looking for some major inspiration lately, this particular Netflix film is sure to leave you feeling encouraged, hyped-up and ready to face whatever this world may throw your way.

The 2021 film Sisters on Track depicts real-life stories of young girls who will stop at nothing to ensure their dreams are coming true. Just like the films Skater Girl and Jiva!, this new Netflix release will certainly be a great watch with the family. But before you sit down for your weekly movie night with the family, here’s everything to know about this empowering movie.

What is Sisters on Track on Netflix about?

Sisters on Track centers on three sisters’ journey to becoming young track stars talented enough to compete in the Junior Olympics. Of course, being an Olympian is no easy feat, which is why these girls are going to give it all they’ve got to be on the top.

Different trials and tribulations may pop up along the way, but these girls will blaze right through them as sisters. More on the official synopsis via Netflix, right here:

Three track star sisters face obstacles in life and in competition as they pursue Junior Olympic dreams in this extraordinary coming of age journey.

The cast of this new film features some high-caliber athletes who you just may see compete in the Olympics sometime in the near future with sisters Rainn Sheppard, Tai Sheppard and Brooke Sheppard all starring in this heartfelt movie.

Check out these talented sisters in the official trailer for this inspiring Netflix documentary down below.

It’s certainly a beautiful film that you absolutely have to show at your next family movie night. Be sure to catch the documentary film Sisters on Track streaming only on Netflix.

Will you be watching?