Stranger Things season 4 is almost done filming

We have some good news to share with fans of Stranger Things season 4. It appears that production is winding down on the new season of the hit Netflix original series.

It’s hard to know exactly where production is on Stranger Things season 4. There are so many rumors about the new season, filming, and everything flying around online on a daily basis. It’s hard to keep everything straight. The only reliable source of information online about Stranger Things season 4 is through updates from the cast.

Recently, Cara Buono, who stars as Karen Wheeler, confirmed she was done filming Stranger Things season 4 in June 2021.

Before that, David Harbour mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that production would wrap in August 2021. Harbour also said he was almost done filming the season.

Is Stranger Things season 4 coming to Netflix in 2021?

When main cast members start to mention they are done or almost done with filming, that usually means that the end of production on that season is near. Things are a little strange with this show because there are so many in the main cast, but I think the general rule applies.

Netflix has not confirmed production has almost wrapped on season 4, but that’s what it appears based on comments from the cast.

So, with production winding down, fans are anxious to find out when Stranger Things season 4 is coming to Netflix. Officially, Netflix has not announced much of anything regarding the Stranger Things season 4 release date.

Obviously, we all want Stranger Things season 4 to be released as early as possible. If production does truly end in August, there’s a chance we could see Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix in late 2021. It’s slim, though. And, when we say that, we are simply referring to the possibility of post-production being completed in that amount of time. It’s possible that it could happen, but is it likely that Stranger Things season 4 will be released in 2021? Not at all.

Netflix shows like Stranger Things need at least four months from the end of filming until the release date. If production wraps in August, that’s barely enough time to make a 2021 release date happen.

So, it’s really, really unlikely that Netflix would try to force a 2021 release date with everything going on in the world.

The only thing that could offer a glimmer of hope to all of us who want to see Stranger Things season 4 in 2021 is the rumor that the cast and crew are filming season 4 and season 5 back to back, which would mean that Stranger Things season 4 would basically be complete by now.

If that’s true, we could see the season in 2021, but I’m very skeptical of that rumor for a number of reasons. I’m hopeful that something could be at play like we’re getting additional episodes in season 4 or something like that, but I don’t think there’s enough time to film two seasons of Stranger Things, not during the pandemic anyway.

There are other rumors, including the one about production moving to New Mexico soon, that are more believable. Production was supposed to begin in New Mexico earlier this year, according to reports, but it looks like that’s been pushed to summer.

Stranger Things season 4 release date

I think I made it pretty clear that Stranger Things season 4 is unlikely to arrive on Netflix in 2021, which means we can expect to see Stranger Things season 4 in early 2022.

We knew that Netflix had plans to release the season in early 2021, but that was thrown into a tailspin because of the pandemic. So, it makes sense that, because Stranger Things seasons are generally released around the time they’re set, we would just see Stranger Things season 4 exactly one year after it was supposed to be released.

I think there’s a good chance we’ll see Stranger Things season 4 in February or March 2022. That’s what things look like right now.

A few months ago, Finn Wolfhard also told a fan on Fanmio that Stranger Things season 4 is coming to Netflix sometime in 2022.

Stranger Things is one of the best Netflix shows. As soon as we here anything about the season 4 release date, we’ll share it with you!