5 best summer romance movies on Netflix

Falling Inn Love - Credit: Netflix
Falling Inn Love - Credit: Netflix /
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Eat Pray Love Romance movies
LONDON-September 22: Actress Julia Roberts attends the ‘Eat Pray Love’ Premiere at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square on September 22, 2010 in London. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images) /

Best romantic movies on Netflix

Summer is here! It always brings with it a renewed happiness and sometimes romance. Luckily, Netflix has a bunch of good movies, including romance movies, for you to watch this summer.

One of the most popular sub-genres of romance movies is the romantic comedy. These movies add in some great comedy to some even better love stories. Currently, you can watch titles like Crazy Stupid Love, Two Weeks Notice, Legally Blonde, Holidate, Always Be My Maybe and My Best Friends Wedding. Generally, the movies end on a sweet note giving the viewer a boost in their mood.

Below is a great list of summer romance movies on Netflix. These movies are a fun way to escape reality for just a bit as you enjoy a fun romantic story.

Let’s get the list started with a classic, Eat Pray Love. 

Eat Pray Love 

The biographical romance drama, Eat Pray Love, was originally released in 2010. The movie is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of her travels around the world after her divorce.

The film stars Julia Roberts, who plays Elizabeth Gilbert. Javier Bardem plays her love interest Felipe. Elizabeth had an idyllic life with a great husband and a successful career but found herself lost searching for something more.

She spent time in Italy eating and enjoying her escape from her real world (Eat). She then travels to India to seek spirituality (Pray).  When she ends up in Bali searching for balance, she discovers love (Love).

The film debuted at the box office at No. 2 behind The Expendables. Although critics gave mixed reviews, most viewers enjoyed the film. Roberts has a solid fan base who always enjoy her movies.

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