Black Summer season 2 review: Darker and grittier than the first time

Black Summer is Netflix’s gritty horror zombie TV series that left many fans wanting more at the end of season 1. Spoilers ahead!

The first season of Black Summer followed people shortly after the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. The story was terrific and kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The ending was bittersweet and made us realize that the story wasn’t over because the actual chaos started at the end. Two years later, Netflix drops Black Summer season 2, and fans were excited to see how the story would progress.

Black Summer season 2 seems further into the future based on several factors, including the weather. The climate in season 2 is freezing. Everyone is either soaked in the rain or shivering in the snow. The survivors may move slower, but most zombies can still move lightning fast in the cold temperature. People still change into zombies instantly, and a headshot is the only action that works on stopping the dead.

A darker and grittier story on Black Summer season 2

The story is much darker and grittier this time. Black Summer season 2 continues to break down the “people are the real monsters” theme as the story reveals different subgroups and factions. Nobody trusts anyone, and whenever people start to trust someone, everything becomes chaotic. People are killing others over supplies that drop from a mystery plane. The supply drops seem helpful, but in reality, they are causing the people on the ground to go to war with each other.

The new season starts with a fantastic sequence of a man trying to save himself from a zombie. He ends up getting killed by a couple who are also escaping. Karma strikes this couple instantly because the new zombie runs after them. The fast-paced chase scene sets the tone for the rest of the episode and helps viewers realize the survivors’ challenges as the season continues.

Every action scene is fascinating to watch, but the first two episodes feel all over the place. The storytelling requires the viewer’s uninterrupted attention, but the writers explain everything that’s happening on the show. For instance, if you watch a scene with two people fighting and don’t know why, the writers will eventually take you back in time and show you the events that explain everything.

Black Summer is a bit refreshing to watch compared to other zombie content available right now. It’s completely chaotic and mentally stressful. Unlike The Walking Dead, the survivors in Black Summer are not zombie-killing experts yet. No one is safe, and that’s scary on a fundamental level. There aren’t any safe, calm scenes that encourage viewers to let their guard down and breathe at an average pace.

But there’s a big drawback to the way Black Summer prioritizes horror. The show doesn’t encourage viewers to become attached to any characters.

The deaths are very random, and knowing that anyone could go at any moment is an enormous appeal for many fans. But because the story is so relentless, you end up caring little to nothing for the cast. There aren’t many standout characters, and while it’s exciting to watch an unpredictable story, most of the deaths only end up moving us in a fear-based way, not in an emotional manner. There are not many characters you miss once they are dead.

Overall, Black Summer season 2 is better than the first season. It isn’t flawless because many people will find the narrative a bit problematic. But there are many aspects of season 2 that people will appreciate and go back to watch again. The finale ended with two significant cliffhangers, so let’s hope Netflix decides to renew Black Summer for a season 3.

Black Summer seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix now!