Manifest canceled after three seasons on NBC: Will Netflix save Manifest?

Manifest season 4 is not happening on NBC. According to a report from Deadline, NBC canceled Manifest late Monday night PT before the cast deals were set to expire on Tuesday.

Overall, it’s a real bummer that Manifest was canceled after three seasons on NBC. It’s not exactly surprising that Manifest was canceled given all the weird things happening with the TV show recently, NBC’s refusal to renew the series, and the first two seasons popping up on Netflix before the Manifest season 3 finale aired on NBC. Surprise!

Manifest has been No. 1 on the Netflix Top 10 for a few days, though, which is really good news for those hoping Netflix will save the series.

Will Netflix save Manifest?

It’s unclear at the time of publishing if Manifest is being shopped to any streamers. We’ll likely find out that information in the coming days. Surely, fans of Manifest will want Netflix to save the series and will likely start petitions trying to convince Netflix to save the show.

Netflix has not saved a broadcast drama or any other series from cancellation since Designated Survivor several years ago. That didn’t go so well. Lucifer, though, has been a mega-hit on Netflix since the streamer saved the series after FOX canceled it after three seasons. If Netflix saves Manifest, it would become a Netflix original series.

Time will tell if Netflix is interested in saving Manifest. Obviously, it’s great news that Netflix has the first two seasons and season 3 is on the way, as well. The streaming network will be able to take a good look at the numbers and see if this show is something that would do well on the platform.

There are many other legal hurdles in the way, but it all starts with Netflix showing interest in saving the drama.

Netflix should certainly take a look at this show. It appears to have incredible potential, and if Netflix can capture it, Manifest could be a hit.

It’s not very likely, unfortunately, that Netflix would save the series. It just doesn’t happen that often. If there was a show and fanbase that deserves it, Manifest is that show.

We want Manifest season 4 to happen at Netflix. Hopefully, you do, too!

Stay tuned for more news about Manifest on Netflix!