Elite season 4 is coming to Netflix: June 18, 2021

We’re so close! Elite season 4 is going to arrive on Netflix this week, and here’s all you need to know about the season before it starts.

We’re just days away to start a new school year at Las Encinas. It all starts on Friday, June 18.

All episodes will drop at once, offering up a binge-watch as normal. While there are a few Netflix shows that get a weekly release here and there, the majority of them don’t. And that’s probably not going to change.

You have all weekend to watch the drama unfold. Chances are you don’t need all weekend. Episodes drop in the middle of the night, so you can get through them all by lunchtime!

What is Elite season 4 about?

The fourth season picks up with a new director at the school. This new director is bringing his teenage children to the school too, and he has the dream to bring goodness back into the school. It’s time to stop the mayhem and trouble from the last few years.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. There are high chances that his children aren’t going to have the same views about keeping trouble out of the school.

Along with new students comes new temptations. There are plenty of them, which brings out the jealousy and the distrust among the current group of friends. Things are already on the tense between some of them!

Considering this show is all about a “whodunit” storyline each season, expect that to happen too. We have no idea what that storyline is or who it involves just yet. The trailer gives nothing away on that aspect, but can we really have Elite without a murder? That just doesn’t seem possible!

Elite season 4 is coming to Netflix on Friday, June 18.