Is The Bachelorette on Netflix?

The Bachelorette is one of the most famous dating competition series to have ever existed. Following after its older sibling The Bachelor, the reality show has gone on to make quite the name for itself, acquiring millions of fans who are ready for all the red rose-filled drama.

The seventeenth season, with Katie Thurston as its leading lady, premiered on June 7 and it already looks like a season that will leave everyone speechless.

If you’re a new fan who’s just tuned in, or want to rewatch every episode from the beginning, you’re probably wondering where you can stream the MTV Movie and TV Award-winning reality series. We tell you everything you need to know here.

Is The Bachelorette on Netflix?

Currently, only the sixth season of The Bachelorette, featuring Ali Fedotowsky, is available to watch on Netflix.

There’s no official reason why the other 16 seasons of this immensely popular reality series are not on the streaming platform, but if that changes in the future, we’ll be sure to update you on which seasons can be added to your watch list.

In the meantime, there are some other sites where you can watch every one of the adorable boating dates and shocking break-up moments that you love to see in The Bachelorette. We’ve listed where to watch for you down below.

Where can I watch every season of The Bachelorette?

There isn’t one single website that has every season of The Bachelorette available for streaming. On Amazon Prime Video, you can purchase season 6 onward, either per episode or for under $15 for the full season.

You can also stream seasons 5, 10, 12, and the current season 17 with a subscription to Hulu, and of course, you can watch the newest episodes over the air Monday nights on ABC.

The Bachelorette is an iconic series in the reality TV genre, so we’re hoping that Netflix eventually adds more seasons of the show to its platform, but while we wait for that to happen feel free to check out other dating shows on the site such as Too Hot to Handle, Are You the One?, and Love is Blind.