Black Mirror season 6 is not coming to Netflix in June 2021

There are a lot of wonderful new shows and movies coming to Netflix in June 2021. One title that won’t be coming this June, however, is Black Mirror season 6.

With May coming to an end, Netflix has revealed the complete list of shows and movies set to debut across the month of June. It’s a list that includes new series such as Sweet Tooth, new seasons of breakout hits such as Lupin, and buzzy new movies including Awake, Fatherhood and Ice Road. 

Unfortunately, the month will not be bringing with it a new season of Black Mirror which last debuted a new season exactly two years ago in June 2019.

While we’ve ruled out a June 2021 release date for Black Mirror season 6, here’s what we know about the future of the critically acclaimed drama!

Is Black Mirror season 6 happening?

Despite the success of the hit series which has netted Netflix several Emmys, there does not currently appear to be any plans for Black Mirror season 6 at the time. Series creator Charlie Brooker has indicated he’s not opposed to revisiting the series in the future; however, he doesn’t seem to have any desire to bring the show back for a sixth season at the present time.

Black Mirror season 6 release date

Because production is not underway and there are no active plans in place to bring Black Mirror back for a sixth season, a release date for Black Mirror season 6 has not yet been announced or confirmed.

Even if Netflix were to announce a sixth season today, it’s unlikely we’d see the new season arrive sometime in 2021. Creating a series such as Black Mirror takes time and the odds of Netflix greenlighting a new season, filming the show, and finishing post-production in time to get fans a new season sometime in 2021 seems highly unlikely.

Should any news be announced, we’ll be sure to let you know but in the meantime it seems we’ll have to stick to enjoying old episodes of Black Mirror.