5 must-see shows and movies on Netflix this week: April 26–May 2, 2021

We’re into the final week of April and kick off the start of May. That means there’s plenty arriving, but what are the shows and movies on Netflix to watch?

This week, it’s hard just to pick five shows and movies on Netflix to watch. That’s not just because the May 1 drop is coming up, either.

The last few days of April offer something for everyone. There are shows like Sexify and Fatma coming their way and movies such as Things Heard and Seen and The Disciple worth checking out.

Let’s not get started with the May 1 drop. All three Back to the Future movies are back, and it’s so tempting to say you need to watch them. Again! They are not making it to the list this time, though—although they are more than worth watching!

It can be hard to cut out the overwhelm when it comes to the full list. I do it for you.

5 shows and movies on Netflix you need to watch this weekend

August: Osage County

We start with a movie that was nominated for numerous Oscars and has an outstanding cast. Meryl Streep leads that outstanding cast as Violet Westin.

Three estranged sisters return to their hometown. Their mother has recently received a cancer diagnosis, and now they need to find a way to help her and heal the broken bond between them. It’s an emotional ride, something you’ll need the Kleenex for.

Watch the movie on Tuesday, April 27.

The Innocent

If you’re a fan of other Harlan Coben adaptations like Safe and The Woods, you’ll want to check out the latest. The Innocent is a Spanish-language drama series that follows the book of the same name. It is classed as a limited series, so you’ll get the whole story in one.

This story sees a man who goes down a dark hole of murder and intrigue after accidentally killing someone. He’s just able to get out and find love when a phone call brings it all back. Is there any hope for escape?

The series is available to stream on Friday, April 30.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

Need something for the kids? Netflix has you covered with The Mitchells vs. The Machines.

The animated movie follows the Mitchell family as they head out on a road trip before the daughter’s first year of film school begins. It’s supposed to be a trip filled with bonding and fun, but that’s put on hold when electronic devices around the world come to life. It turns out they’re staging a technological revolution and the Mitchells will need to work with two friendly robots to fight back.

Watch this one of the shows and movies on Netflix on Friday, April 30.


There are some great sci-fi and fantasy movies out there. One of them kicked off an entire TV franchise. Kurt Russell and James Spader star in Stargate, and it’s a must-watch this week.

Spader plays Daniel Jackson, a professor who teams up with Russell’s retired Army Col. Jack O’Neil to unlock a secret code. That code opens an interstellar gateway to an ancient Egypt-like world. Now the two will need to protect their world from Ra, but it first means convincing the planet that Ra needs to be overthrown.

Watch on Saturday, May 1.

The Land Before Time

The Mitchells vs. The Machines may not be enough to keep the children entertained. That’s okay because Netflix has you covered with The Land Before Time movies. The first two movies of the franchise are available.

This is a great story about friendship and overcoming adversity. A group of different dinosaur children embarks on a dangerous adventure to reunite with their families in a new land before their old land is completely destroyed. At the same time, they need to run from their enemy, Sharp Tooth.

Which shows and movies on Netflix are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.