Riverdale season 5 is not coming to Netflix in May 2021

Netflix users will have to wait a bit longer for the next season of Riverdale to arrive as Riverdale season 5 is not coming to Netflix in May 2021.

With May on the horizon, Netflix unveiled the complete list of shows and movies set to drop across the month of May. As always, the list of new releases featured a diverse group of titles including both Netflix Originals and fan-favorites that stream on the service.

While there is a lot to look forward to during the month of May, one title which will not be releasing next month on Netflix is the fifth season of Riverdale.

The news not too surprising given season 5 is currently still underway on The CW and we traditionally have to wait eight days after the finale has aired before the latest season drops on Netflix. That said, it does feel unusual not to be getting the newest season of Riverdale on Netflix during the month as May has traditionally been when the latest season has arrived. So if season 5 isn’t coming in May, when exactly might the latest season of Riverdale arrive?

When is Riverdale season 5 coming to Netflix?

In a normal year, Riverdale tends to complete its season during the month of May with the season then dropping on Netflix just days after the finale has aired. However, this year, The CW has decided to approach its schedule in an unexpected new way which will shake up the release of season 5 on Netflix as a result.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The CW was forced to delay its fall line-up by a few months with the latest seasons of Riverdale, The Flash, All American and more being delayed until early 2021.

While many assumed The CW would simply look at rolling out shortened seasons in an attempt to get its schedule back on track, the network has instead been operating on a unique schedule which will see many shows bleed into the summer months. This will include Riverdale season 5, which returns from an extended hiatus on July 7.

Should season 5 consist of the standard 22 episodes that make up the average CW show’s season and air uninterrupted upon its return in July, we could be looking at a September 22 finale date for the show. If this is indeed the case, that would mean Riverdale season 5 would hypothetically drop on Netflix on September 30, 2021.

Of course, we’ll have to wait to see when The CW ends up scheduling the finale as that will give us a clearer picture of when Riverdale season 5 will finally drop on Netflix.