Why was Merry Happy Whatever canceled?

It’s always sad to see yet another Netflix show get canceled and this series was definitely no exception to our somberness.

The Netflix original seriesMerry Happy Whatever, has been canceled by the streaming platform, and fans of the show were left gutted upon hearing the news. The show had everything that one would want from a holiday show, the magic of the Christmas season, a loving but dysfunctional family, and of course, Ashley Tisdale.

Despite all its amazing feats, the series just couldn’t come up to par. We’re here to fill you in on everything about Merry Happy Whatever‘s cancelation.

Why was Merry Happy Whatever season 2 canceled?

There is no official answer as to why the Netflix original series was canceled, but we can guess that the reasons may stem from the show’s reception.

Upon its release, Merry Happy Whatever, the show received mostly impartial ratings from critics with Rotten Tomatoes giving the series a 33% and a 60% audience score.

As with all shows including Merry Happy Whatever, there’s always going to those who love it and those who don’t, but was it canceled solely because of ratings, or was it just another one of Netflix’s mysterious cancellations? The answer seems to be the latter.

According to the show’s creator, Tucker Cawley, took to his Instagram, to say goodbye to the show and his caption let us know that it definitely wasn’t an easy one.

Though not returning for season 2, we’re glad that we were blessed with a season in the first place.

And here is the official trailer for the series.

A pretty interesting premise, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough to warrant a second season.

All eight episodes from the first season of Merry Happy Whatever are currently available to stream on Netflix.