When is Who Killed Sara season 2 coming to Netflix?

Who Killed Sara has been a chart-topping sensation since it first aired on March 24, 2021, and many fans wonder when Who Killed Sara season 2 will be available on Netflix.

The streaming network never seems to disappoint when it comes to a good murder mystery, and they have plenty of great options to choose from in that department. Mindhunter, Unsolved Mysteries, Lost Girls, The Girl on the Train, and Earthquake Bird, just to name a few, with Who Killed Sara proving to be another stellar addition to the excellent lineup that reached the coveted rank of No. 1 in TV Shows in the US on Netflix.

The Mexican crime drama soap created by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela follows a man named Alex, who, after spending 18 years in prison, is hell-bent on exacting revenge on those that framed him for a murder he did not commit and the killer who committed the heinous act of killing his sister. Who Killed Sara offers up ten enthralling episodes of its first run features a talented cast consisting of Carolina Miranda, Ginés García Millán, Claudia Ramírez, Eugenio Siller, and Alejandro Nones.

Fans curious to know if there would be a follow-up to the impressive first outing of Who Killed Sara didn’t have to wait very long for that mystery to be solved. The Netflix original series was so well-received that days after it was released, the streaming powerhouse announced that the show had been renewed for a second season.

When will Who Killed Sara season 2 be on Netflix?

On March 29, 2021, it was announced that Who Killed Sara season 2 was officially greenlit. The only question that remains on everyone’s mind was when the show would be back on the streaming network.

It’s not uncommon for Netflix series to have a gap of about a year and a half or more in between installments, so many expected a new season to arrive in 2022. But once again, Netflix defied all expectations and unveiled that the well-received series that debuted in March would have its next outing arrive meres months later on May 19, 2021.

Other announcements regarding Who Killed Sara season 2 consisted of new additions to the cast. Matías Novoa, Daniel Giménez Cacho, and Antonio de la Vega are all set to join the roster next time around.

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