The Irregulars perfectly balances spooky and heartwarming

The Irregulars -- Courtesy of Matt Squire/Netflix
The Irregulars -- Courtesy of Matt Squire/Netflix /

The Irregulars may have been promoted as another Sherlock Holmes-Netfix original spinoff, but it is so much more than that. First of all, Sherlock Holmes is a supporting character, as is Dr. Watson. The show is really about a group of teens living on the streets who are manipulated by Dr. Watson to solve crimes happening across London.

But these aren’t any ordinary crimes. They include crows stealing babies from their homes, people being murdered and displayed like the designs on tarot cards, and someone stealing people’s teeth directly from their mouths. Definitely not “ordinary.”

But as extraordinary or as irregular — I couldn’t help myself! — as these crimes are, The Irregulars is really about the bond between the characters.

The leader of the gang is Bea. She is the 17-year-old protector of the group, especially when it comes to her sister, Jessie. She doesn’t want anyone to hurt the ones she loves and she’s willing to do just about anything to ensure they’re safe. That includes getting involved with Dr. Watson and the supernatural crimes he wants her and her friends to solve.

The Irregulars gives us a new look into the world of Sherlock Holmes

Next is Jessie. She’s the seer. Her nightmares show her things others can’t see, and they give her insights into the places, people, and things the gang needs to solve the mysteries they discover. She’s also the heart of the group. She’s one of the few people who can make Bea laugh and tries to get her to take a break, and she is the one everyone is willing to fight for.

Billy! Billy is the muscle of the group and is not-so-secretly in love with Bea. He (along with Bea and Jessie) did not have an easy life growing up. They grew up in the workhouses and Billy still carries the scars (literal and figurative) with him. He also has a bit of a chip on his shoulder but that goes away as the show goes on.

SPIKE! Spike is the comic relief of the group but also the thief. If they need to sneak into someone’s house, he’s the guy to do it. That being said, he has a cinnamon roll center with a tough facade which makes him such a loveable character. He bonds the most with Jessie and Billy but if anyone in the gang needs him, he’s there.

Then there is Leo. Or I should say Prince Leopold? Leo is tired of his life at the palace and decides to escape. When he does, he meets Bea and her group of friends and slowly becomes one of them. Or at least as much as he can when he needs to get back to the palace each night.

The Irregulars
The Irregulars — Courtesy of Matt Squire/Netflix /

He quickly forms an attachment to Bea and his feelings turn out to be mutual, but when one person in a relationship is a prince, things get complicated.

Additionally, the trouble they find themselves in isn’t easy for Leo as it is for the others. He has hemophilia and issues with his joints. But, he doesn’t let that stop him from fighting for his new friends!

Dr. Watson and Sherlock are definitely not like we’ve ever seen them before. Watson is much more secretive and is willing to threaten a group of kids if it gets him what he wants.

Sherlock is not the sharp-minded man we’ve seen before. He’s grieving, addicted to drugs, and not as quick as he used to be. What I like most about the portrayal of these two characters is their ability to love. They hide it behind seven layers of anger, grief, snark, and loss, but it’s what’s driving everything they do.

The show itself may tell the story of a group of teens, but it’s definitely not a kids show. There’s gore and violence and darkness and a lot of genuinely scary/creepy scenes. No spoilers but there is a scene in the first episode that shocked the crap out of me.

No spoilers, but I don’t know how there could be a season 2 after seeing the end of season 1. But, I’d definitely like to see what the writers do with the chance to give us more of this story.

Did you watch season 1 of The Irregulars yet? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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