What is Dead Places about?

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Recently I spotted news from Channel 24 about a new Netflix original South African supernatural series coming to Netflix on April 16. We’re going to check out what Dead Places is about because it looks very promising, but first, we need to understand something before I get your hopes up.

When I first wrote about the show’s release date and trailer, I wasn’t sure if it would release worldwide on Netflix in April or not.

Thanks to the list of new Netflix movies and shows hitting the streamer in April, we now know that it’s not. Only Netflix South Africa viewers will get to binge it.

For now.

I have a feeling it might make its way to Netflix globally. Eventually. (Hopefully later this year?)

Until it does, we can at least get better acquainted with Dead Places and what it’s about.

Dead Places storyline

Here’s a brief description that accompanies the trailer on YouTube:

"Haunted by memories of the past, Will Stone returns to South Africa to write his new book. His research leads him to some of South Africa’s most haunted places and deadly supernatural creatures. Joined by Kelly (Shamilla Miller), a vlogger with her own dark secrets, and Joe (Rea Rangaka), a former cop, the trio fight for answers and their lives in #DeadPlaces​, premiering 16 April."

Again, don’t get your hopes up. The YouTube channel is for AfricaOnNetflix, and we now know the April 16 release date only applies to them.

However, here’s what I glean from the trailer: it reminds me a little of another international supernatural series, Paranormal, which hailed from Egypt. Especially because there’s an exploring-the-paranormal element and a mystery involving a little girl who haunts the main characters.

Except in Paranormal, Dr. Refaat Ismail is haunted by a peculiar ghostly neighbor girl named Shiraz. In Dead Places, Will Stone’s haunting is a bit more personal and intimate since the girl is his sister.

What is Dead Places about?

Will Will find out the truth about his sister’s disappearance? Which is presumed to be death by drowning but we learn from the trailer her body was never found. Should it have been? Or is there a chance she may still be alive?

The trailer actually sparks a lot of questions. Who—or what—knows that Will, Kelly and Joe are there and wants them gone? And where is there? One of the most haunted places in South Africa that he’s visiting with them for his book?

Job well done, trailer. I want to know what Dead Places is about and I’m hoping it comes to U.S. Netflix soon! (Maybe in time for spooky season?)

Check out the trailer and see if it sparks any questions for you too.

Dead Places trailer

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