5 best horror movies on Netflix: March 27, 2021

This edition of horror movies to watch this weekend some truly different and unique flicks! Below, we shared the 5 best scary movies to check out on Netflix.

For this list of horror movies, I tried to put together a set of different movies than what you’ve seen before. Typically, I put together a list of light horrors and popular movies, but this week I went for underrated films that may have slipped under your radar due to bigger movies attracting more attention. Because all horror movies need a little love!

A couple of the recommendations below also feature stars that you may recognize from other movies and shows on Netflix.

Netflix has a lot of new content available this weekend, including the chilling series The Irregulars. But if you are searching for even more frightening content, and prefer a good movie over a series, we are highlighting the top 5, below!

Best horror movies on Netflix this weekend

1. Mercy Black

A woman (portrayed by Daniella Pineda) is released from a psychiatric hospital after going in due to a series of traumatic events, but she is not truly free just yet. She is still suffering and makes a final effort to drive out a sinister being that continues to haunt her.

Mercy Black was released in 2019 and also stars Elle LaMont and Janeane Garofalo.

2. MaleVolent

Okay, horror fans, you only need to know one thing about this movie: It stars Florence Pugh, enough said! The Midsommar star is sending massive chills down our spine again in this 2018 film.

MaleVolent also stars Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Celia Imrie, and follows a brother and sister duo who con people into believing they are paranormal experts when they don’t even believe in that. As you have likely already guessed, an experience will completely change their mind about things, and even regret what they’ve been doing.

3. The Open House

When it comes to vacation homes, you know it’s either going to be a comedy or a horror. There’s no in-between. You already know what the case is for Netflix’s The Open House, starring Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why) and Piercey Dalton.

The movie follows a mother and her son moving to a relative’s home for a new start, but they soon learn they are not alone in the home.

4. Girl on the Third Floor

Can’t a family have a peaceful opportunity at a fresh start? Maybe. But not the family in Girl on the Third Floor! When a man purchases a home to renovate for his family, he quickly realizes he has taken on more than he bargained for.

5. Sabrina

Here’s a fun and frightening movie you may not have caught on Netflix! Sabrina is an Indonesian movie that follows a couple who take in their niece after she loses her mother. But things go horribly wrong when the orphaned niece tries to contact her mother’s spirit.

Will you be watching one of these horror movies this weekend? Is there another underrated scary flick we should add to the list? Share with us!