Paradise PD season 4 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

Out of all of the Netflix original animated endeavors, it’s hard to argue that Paradise PD isn’t among the funniest subscribers can find on the streaming service, and after three gut-busting iterations, many fans are wondering what’s going on with Paradise PD season 4.

Netflix has put out such exceptional endeavors in the animation game such as DisenchantmentBoJack Horseman, and Big Mouth that have all become big hits with subscribers. Paradise PD proves to be another exceptional affair that follows the small-town police department filled with hilariously incompetent characters and their struggles upholding justice in a crime-ridden town is a wickedly funny experience.

The animated sitcom from creators Waco O’Guin and Roger Black premiered on the streaming service on August 31, 2018, and the laugh-out-loud comedy cartoon has been a top-tier choice for fans. The recently released third season has been a chart-topping affair leaving the anticipation for Paradise PD season 4 at an all-time high.

For those wondering if Netflix has renewed the comedic animated series, the news is not ideal at this point in time. The streaming powerhouse has not ordered more episodes meaning the status of Paradise PD season 4 is currently unknown.

Paradise PD season 4 release date

Assuming the streaming network decides to keep the series going, it could be some time before any knowledge is put out when it comes to a potential release date for Paradise PD season 4. If one had to take a guess as to when the next installment could end up on Netflix, sometime early in 2022 would be a solid bet given the timetable surrounding past premieres of previous iterations.

Paradise PD season 4 cast

Rick and Morty voice actor and Scrubs alumni Sarah Chalke will most assuredly return to the mix if Paradise PD season 4 is greenlit. David Herman, Tom Kenney, Kyle Kinane, Cedric Yarbrough, Dana Snyder, Grey Griffin, and many more talented individuals who provide vocal work will hopefully also come back for the next run of the amusing animated sitcom.

Paradise PD season 4 synopsis

No official plot details have been released for Paradise PD season 4. People should not expect any official synopsis until an official announcement arrives indicating there will be more entries on the way

Paradise PD season 4 trailer

There is no trailer for Paradise PD season 4, and until news breaks regarding a renewal, fans should be patient for any previews to emerge. As soon as Netflix drops a teaser, we will be sure to share it with subscribers and fans right away.

Stay tuned for more information on season 4 of Paradise PD as it comes out.