The Irregulars’ Thaddea Graham age, Instagram, roles: Everything to know about the Bea actress

The Irregulars - Credit: Matt Squire
The Irregulars - Credit: Matt Squire /

Nothing is better than seeing new actors and actresses on our screens. The new Netflix original series, The Irregulars, is making its way to our screens this week and the cast is full of fresh faces that you may or may not have seen before.

Thaddea Graham is Bea in the upcoming original TV series. And, we’re here to tell you everything to know about Graham.

Graham was born in China and raised in Northern Ireland. Graham studied at the Arts Educational School in London, earning her degree in the performing arts in 2018.

Thaddea Graham age

Thaddea Graham is 23 years old. According to Wikipedia, Graham was born on March 29, 1997, so Graham will celebrate her 24th birthday three days after the release of The Irregulars. 

Thaddea Graham height

According to, Graham is 5’4.

Thaddea Graham Instagram

At the time of publishing, Graham has nearly 7,000 followers. We expect those numbers will skyrocket after the release of The Irregulars on March 26.

Lately, most of Graham’s posts have been about The Irregulars. 

You can also get to know Graham on her YouTube channel where she posts songs that she sings and composes herself. (Can you say, triple-threat?)

Thaddea Graham roles

Soon after, the actress landed roles in a few popular British series including Curfew, which stars some huge names in the business such as Game of Thrones actor, Sean Bean, The O.C. actor, Adam Brody, and Terminator‘s Sgt. Kyle Reese actor, Michael Biehn.

Acting alongside Ned Stark wasn’t enough for the actress as she continued to find her way in the acting industry, eventually landing her first Netflix debut role as, Iona, in the original series,The Letter for the King. 

Ultimately, the young actress’ budding talent rang through to Netflix as she was cast in the main role of Bea in The Irregularsa Sherlock Holmes-inspired series where a group of oddballs such as Bea, seek to uncover the mysteries and secrets of London.

In a recent interview with Irish Examiner, Thaddea Graham talked about the upcoming show and how excited she was to play the role, she stated:

"I think it’s great that we have these iconic figures such as Watson and Holmes but in ways that we haven’t seen them before. […] I didn’t know it was going to get this dark. I didn’t know it was going to be a supernatural thing. It felt like a real gift to not know what I was getting myself in for, and then being given such a rich world to explore."

Sounds super exciting!

We are certainly counting down the days until we see her in The Irregulars! 

You can catch Thaddea Graham in The Irregulars, debuting March 26.

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