Zero Chill age rating: Is the Netflix show appropriate for kids?

Zero Chill on Netflix
Zero Chill on Netflix /

We’ve finally hit spring here in the U.S., but Netflix’s new original series Zero Chill is set to remind us that there is beauty found in winter like the competitive world of winter sports.

If you’ve forgotten the wonder and attention the 2018 Winter Olympics brought to winter sports, then let this series remind you why hockey and ice skating are beloved across the globe.

The family comedy-drama, which seems to fit under the platform’s clean teen banner, follows 15-year old twins Kayla MacBentley (Grace Beedie) and “Mac” MacBentley (Dakota Taylor). The two are talented on the ice but it’s Mac, a star hockey player, who has a real shot at making it big.

As such, when Mac is offered a spot on the team at a prestigious hockey academy, the MacBentleys pick up their lives and move to England so he can pursue his dream. Unfortunately, that means Kayla has to start over, too.

Kayla is a pairs skater and, though she shows promise, her star isn’t rising like her brother’s. Sick of being in his shadow no matter how much she loves him, Kayla sets out to prove that her dreams on the ice are just as valid and important as Mac’s.

Is Zero Chill for kids?

According to IMDb, Zero Chill is a TV-G series, so this show will not be reaching anywhere near the mature heights of last year’s ice skating drama Spinning Out. The similarities begin and end at the love of the sport, the rigors of competition, and the importance of standing up for yourself and what you need to thrive as an athlete.

The first season is 10 episodes long with a runtime that ranges from 25-35 minutes per episode. Zero Chill is fun the whole family can enjoy, and it’s streaming now!

Check out the trailer for the series below:

There’s no word yet on whether Zero Chill will have a second season. We’ll keep you posted on this ice drama’s future.

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