Sky Rojo review: A perfectly provocative balance of intensity and action

Sky Rojo on Netflix
Sky Rojo on Netflix /

Netflix’s latest Spanish action crime drama Sky Rojo comes from the talented creator of Money Heist Alex Pina and offers up eight episodes with reasonable runtimes of around 20-30 minutes each.

After the streaming network exhibited exemplary results when it came to the viewership of Netflix shows like Elite and Money Heist, in October 2020, Netflix announced it had seven more shows from Spain in the works. So many exciting projects were announced, and the one that stood out as an intriguing ordeal was another series from Pina called Sky Rojo that piqued the curiosity of Money Heist’s massive fan base.

It’s hard to imagine anyone expecting the Netflix original series Money Heist to become as big of a hit as it turned out to be, but the Spanish action crime thriller exceeded all expectations and became an international sensation. So when fans found out the creators were back in action with a new edge of your seat thriller called Sky Rojo on the way, many were absolutely eager to find out if they could pull off another must-watch affair.

Is Sky Rojo good?

One would think a story about three hookers trying to escape a maniacal pimp and his two cronies would be a lackluster affair that would just end up being a cliche-ridden ordeal that was very predictable. But Pina works his magic and creates a fantastic follow-up to Money Heist.

The characters, performances, screenplay, and pitch-perfect tension are just some of the reasons to make Sky Rojo a must-watch endeavor from start to finish. The action sequences, cinematography, locations, and production design also all deserve some superior recognition for their excellent execution.

But what really gets Sky Rojo above the rest is the show’s structure which works really well within the reasonable time frame and the fast-paced narrative. It also surgically sprinkles in bits of dark comedy throughout in a stunning manner. The voiceovers from the three main players, as well as the occasional fourth wall break, help keep everyone up to speed and informed in an entertaining way keeping viewers engaged for the duration of the thrilling experience.

Instead of relying on heavy monologues, the Netflix original series superbly subscribes to the show, don’t tell method of storytelling. This, combined with the well-placed and appropriately chosen flashback sequences, makes it almost natural to become enthralled with these characters.

Sky Rojo proves to be an instantly riveting affair from the creator of Money Heist with a smooth flowing, addictive thrill ride that never disappoints.

That’s the other exceptional thing the show does is the way it will have viewers constantly going back and forth with one second rooting for them to make it and then moments later, hoping they kick the bucket.

Veronica Sanchez has to be given a lot of credit for a great performance as Coral, the teacher turned hooker with a dark secret and an elaborate narcotics habit. Her drug-induced hallucinations are phenomenal and her hooker 101 lessons are wickedly amusing.

Lali Esposito as Wendy is a force to be reckoned with. She crushes it every second she is on screen. Yany Prado’s terrific turn as Gina is a gorgeously realized story of a woman becoming a warrior to protect her loved ones.

Asier Etxeandia, as Romeo, plays a sinister and menacing evil genius pimp. His dialogue is some of the best the series has to offer. Miguel Angel Silvestre and Enric Auquer also do a stellar job as his cronies.

Sky Rojo doesn’t disappoint when it comes to subverting expectations in a very unique manner.

Survival is never pretty. When nobody is playing by the rules, things can get messy. Whenever someone watching thinks things are going to go one way, the show throws in a wonderful monkey wrench of jaw-dropping activity to their assumptions.

And things only get better when fans realize they won’t have to wait too long to see how things play out after that game-changing cliffhanger from the eighth episode of the Netflix original series. A second season has already been ordered.

Overall, this show will definitely be revered as one of the streaming service’s top tier options with a substantial replay value, as well as being another exhilarating title to come out of Spain onto Netflix. For anyone thinking they’ll watch a quick entry before bed will find themselves burning the midnight oil, hanging on for dear life until the credits roll on the season one finale.

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