Is Zero Chill season 2 happening?

Zero Chill on Netflix - Credit: Netflix
Zero Chill on Netflix - Credit: Netflix /

Zero Chill just skated onto Netflix, but when an original series drops on the platform, we can’t help but wonder whether it will be renewed. It comes with the territory of keeping our ear to the ground on the latest Netflix news. We’re as curious as you are about whether or not Zero Chill season 2 will be moving forward on the streamer.

This family comedy-drama has been doing well on the platform as one of Netflix’s Top 10 offerings for TV series the past several days. It’s no surprise why.

The general U.S. audience has yet to fall out of love with winter sports since the 2018 Winter Olympics reminded audiences of why hockey and ice skating were so popular in the ’90s.

While Netflix’s shot at capturing an ice-obsessed viewership with Spinning Out failed last year, the streamer clearly hasn’t given up. But instead of a mature drama, the platform opted for a series the whole family can enjoy.

What is Zero Chill about?

Zero Chill is a show about the MacBentley twins, Kayla and Mac. Both teens are talented on the ice but Mac has the kind of rising star that often eclipses his sister. That is made abundantly clear when the MacBentleys pick-up their lives to move to England so Mac can become a member of the Hammarström hockey team.

The move forces Kayla to break her pairs skating partnership and start over in a new place. It also creates tension between the twins as Kayla fights for her dreams to be seen and considered just as much as Mac’s are.

Will there be a Zero Chill season 2 on Netflix?

We’re sure fans of Zero Chill are rooting for a second season of the show. Unfortunately, we’re in for a wait. While the series could be renewed for another run sometime in the future, there’s no word yet on a green light for more story focused on the MacBentley twins.

The good news is that Zero Chill isn’t a limited series, so there’s potential for a second season. We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything on a renewal or a cancellation for the show.

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