5 Best shows on Netflix this weekend: Sky Rojo and more

Sky Rojo on Netflix
Sky Rojo on Netflix /

The weekend is again upon us, and what better time to find some fun binge-watchable shows on Netflix?

The month of March has been a bit slow with new releases, but the shows that have been released are good ones. If you haven’t, check out some of March’s new releases. Some noteworthy ones include Last Chance U: Basketball and The One.  

There are also some good series coming up before the month ends. One series I am super excited about is The Irregulars that will release on March 26. This is a Sherlock Holmes spin-off series.

Whatever your mood is, Netflix has a genre that is sure to fit that mood. Remember that Netflix has great search tools to narrow down whatever type of series you are looking for.

Below are 5 great shows on Netflix to watch this weekend

The Lost Pirate Kingdom

The docuseries The Lost Pirate Kingdom is an amazing look at the real lives of pirates who sailed the Caribbean seas. This series has only been recently released and already finds itself on Netflix’s top ten TV shows list.

Fans of the Pirate of Caribbean film series will really enjoy this look at the real pirates of the Caribbean.  The pirates who ruled the seas in the 18th century often time seem to be made up. But, this group is most assuredly real, and this series dives into the truth about them. This series is made up of scripted scenes and expert interviews. This makes it a fascinating way to tell the tale.

Sky Rojo

Sky Rojo just released this weekend and is already causing a buzz. This Spanish crime drama series focuses on three prostitutes who escape the clutches of their pimp.

The girls face many dangers on their road to freedom but feel their friendship will bind them and allow them to recover from all the trauma they have experienced.

This series comes to us from the makers of Money Heist, which has been one of the most successful shows on Netflix.

Waffles + Mochi

Waffles + Mochi is a puppet show travel food series gearing toward kids. This series is brought to Netflix by former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company.

The series features the First Lady along with Waffles, a puppet that is half yeti, half-frozen waffle, and Mochi, who is an actual mochi (Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice).

The series is geared towards children and teaches them to know what healthy food choices are and learn about different types of foods.

Anne with an E

This series is based on the classic children’s novel Anne of Green Gables. The title comes from the book when the main character, Anne Shirley, introduces herself, she always informs everyone that she is Anne with an E. 

The series consists of three seasons, all of which are available on Netflix. The series is a reimagining of the classic storyline. Anne is an orphan who was mistakenly sent to live with siblings Marilla and Matthew. She turns their lives upside down as well as the lives of almost everyone she encounters.

It is a fun series that will tug at your heartstrings while dealing with many real-world issues.

Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C. Walker

This mini-series stars Octavia Spencer and follows the story of Madam C. Walker, who was a black hair care pioneer at the turn of the century.

This story is a fictionalized depiction of Walker’s life and has taken some liberties where the story is concerned. Walker would go on to become America’s first Black, self-made millionaire. Regardless of whether the story is 100% accurate, it does show a wonderful story of someone who is self-made in an era where society would have made a lesser person give up.

Have a great weekend, and keep checking in with Netflix Life to keep up on all the new films and shows on Netflix airing.

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