What is Who Killed Sara about?

Netflix viewers are sitting pretty as the streaming platform is still rolling out plenty of exciting new shows and movies this month.

Among those new shows is Who Killed Sara?, an ominous and dark Netflix original series that is set to release March 24.

Who Killed Sara?  That’s a question we are dying to know as the raunchy and suspense-filled trailer dropped earlier this month leaving us begging for more.

What is Who Killed Sara?

The official synopsis states that Who Killed Sara? is about the journey that Alex, Sara’s brother, takes to discover and get revenge on the person who was actually responsible for a slain Sara, uncovering the truth behind the people who wrongly framed him eighteen years.

Watch all this unfold in the official trailer:

As the trailer depicts, Sara seems to have been murdered during a parasailing excursion with friends and family, her body lifeless in the hands of a character who we assume is Alex. He believes that the culprit lies within the Lazcano family and says that he will “make them pay for what they did” to him, his mother, and his sister, Sara.

There seems to be video evidence full of Sara’s last moments that could be the key to unlocking the events that may have led up to her death.

The murder weapon is shown to be at the bottom of the ocean and you can definitely be sure that this weapon may hold immense significance. However, will this weapon rise to the surface or remain buried like the other secrets of the Lazcano family may hold?

All around, the new Netflix original looks to bring the truth comes to light in Who Killed Sara?.

Will you be tuning in on March 24 on Netflix to discover the truth? We know we will.