Is Ramy on Netflix? Where to watch Ramy

Ramy Season 2, Episode 1 - Courtesy of Hulu
Ramy Season 2, Episode 1 - Courtesy of Hulu /

Millennials are lost. Millennials are constantly struggling with their place in the world. Millennials are this and millennials are that. It’s a constant refrain played again and again, but it’s a stereotype with some truth at its center, and Golden Globe winner Ramy Youssef’s comedy-drama Ramy speaks to that struggle.

Youssef plays the titular character, a young Muslim man trying to figure out his life. It’s not just that he basically checks all the boxes that describe millennials as aimless. He’s navigating faith, culture, and Western socialization which bonds him to his parents but also places a wide gap between him and them.

They’re Egyptian immigrants, but he’s a first generation American. He is both at home and not at home in every space he walks in. It’s an in-between place that makes Ramy question where he fits in the world and what his purpose might be. It doesn’t help matters that he’s also not much of a planner, so being able to fix what he sees wrong with his life isn’t going to be easy.

Not everyone can fly by the seat of their pants into an understanding of themselves and the world around them. Let alone into what may, or who may, give their life meaning. But when Ramy meets Sheikh Ali Malik (Mahershala Ali) in season 2, he does at least gain a spiritual advisor.

Where to watch Ramy

Ramy is a Hulu original which means it’s not available to watch on Netflix, unfortunately.

However, if you’re a Hulu subscriber than you can look forward to two seasons of the award-winning comedy drama streaming on the platform.

You can watch new episodes of Ramy on Hulu

The series was renewed for a third season in 2020, but there’s yet to be word on whether the new season will drop in 2021.

Will you be watching Ramy on Hulu?

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