Is there going to be a The One season 2?

The One. Courtesy Netflix
The One. Courtesy Netflix /

The One season 1 arrived on Netflix on March 12 and the psychological thriller has quickly managed to take audiences by storm becoming one of the most-talked-about new Netflix shows so far this March!

Based on the John Marrs book of the same name, The One is a compelling relationship drama that aims to answer quite an interesting question: What a world look like if we could find our “perfect” partner with the help of DNA matching technology?

It’s quite an interesting concept and the way in which the series approaches the topic beautifully explores both the ideology in a thought-provoking way that has managed to captivate audiences. Although the series wasn’t exactly the most promoted Netflix Original, the series has quickly caught the attention of viewers who have helped the series break into the Netflix Top 10 and left fans wanting to know if The One season 2 is in the works.

Is The One season 2 happening?

Without getting into any spoilers — after all, we realize everyone binges at their own pacing and wouldn’t want to ruin the show’s jaw-dropping ending — it’s safe to say that Netflix seems to definitely have left the door open for The One season 2. So are there plans for another season of the buzzy relationship drama?

Because The One season 1 just dropped on Netflix on March 12, we’ll likely have to wait at least a few weeks to see if the show yields strong enough success by Netflix’s standards. Given how popular the show has become since its debut, there definitely seems to be a lot of fan interest in The One season 2 which is always a positive sign.

It’s also a positive sign that its star Zoë Tapper has been dropping hints that suggest there is indeed hope for another season of the show, meaning the ball is fully in the court of Netflix!

We’ll update this article once we hear anything about The One season 2.

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