Is there going to be a Love Alarm season 3?

Love Alarm season 2
Love Alarm season 2 /

Attention, Love Alarm fans: The new season is now streaming on Netflix! The South Korean romantic drama series left fans on the edge of their seat with its debut season, which introduces viewers to the three central characters, Kim Jojo (Kim So-hyun), Lee Hye-Yeong (Jung Ga-ram), and Hwang Sun-Oh (Song Kang). As you could probably guess from a quick teaser for the show, the three high school students find themselves in a love triangle, all while trying to navigate life amid the emergence of a super high-tech mobile app called Love Alarm.

While her fellow students are trying to determine who their soulmate is via the Love Alarm app, which alerts you anytime someone near you has a crush on you, Jojo struggles to balance her work-school life, deal with her meddling cousin Park Gul-mi (Go Min-si), and of course figure out if she should be with Hye-Yeong or Sun-Oh.

To make matters even more complicated, Hye-Yeong or Sun-Oh are best friends, so when they both fall for Jojo, it understandably throws a wrench in their relationship.

Jojo ends up with Hye-Yeong at the end of Love Alarm season 1, but by Love Alarm season 2, it looks like their love triangle with Sun-Oh is far from over. We won’t get into spoilers about how the second season ends just in case you haven’t binged it all yet.

Is Love Alarm season 3 happening?

With a strong fanbase behind the show, there’s certainly a demand for more episodes. However, a third season has not yet been confirmed. Considering season 2 just dropped on Netflix today, March 12, the platform likely has to wait and see how well it performs before ordering a third season.

Love Alarm season 2 concluded on a more definitive note than the debut season, as it appears Jojo is set on who she wants to be with. If there is a third season, it likely would take on a new angle rather than the love triangle we’ve been watching for the first two seasons.

We’ll update this article once we hear anything about Love Alarm season 3.

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