Is Ivy and Bean on Netflix?

Ivy and Bean. Image courtesy Netflix
Ivy and Bean. Image courtesy Netflix /

Since 2006, Ivy and Bean have been entertaining generations of young readers in one of the most successful children’s book series of the modern era.

With eleven books and counting in the series and its status as one of the biggest children’s series, it was only a matter of time before Ivy and Bean joined the elite group of books adapted for the small screen in the form of a live-action series inspired by the beloved books. After all, there’s nothing studios love more than building a franchise around an established brand with books long-serving as inspiration for both film and television.

For those unfamiliar with the bestselling series from Annie Barrows, here’s the premise.

What is Ivy and Bean about?

Based on the book series by Annie Barrows, Ivy and Bean tells the story of an unexpected friendship that blossoms between two young girls who never quite expected to be friends. Bean is loud, bold, and fearless. Meanwhile, Ivy has always been more quiet, reserved, and observant — in other words, the two girls are polar opposites.

However, as the adage goes, opposites attract especially when they find themselves faced with exciting and unexpected adventures!

While the first book in the series establishes the unlikely friendship between the two girls as Ivy comes to Bean’s assistance in helping with a magical spell, the books that follow only manage to further establish the friendship between Bean and Ivy as they embark on all sorts of wild adventures!

Is Ivy and Bean streaming on Netflix?

Ivy and Bean is not currently on Netflix; however, the series will be coming to Netflix eventually as it was Netflix who decided to option the rights to Annie Barrow’s book series with plans to adapt them into family films!

As announced by Netflix in December 2020, an Ivy and Bean film series is in development from Netflix with the plan being to adapt the books into one-hour family movies.

"“With a 1-hour run-time, the Ivy & Bean film series will still very much be movies the whole family can enjoy,” Netflix Director of Family Features Naketha Mattocks shared in announcing the news in late 2020. “Safe, fun and elevated comedy-adventures, they also have the wonderful benefit of giving the youngest members of the family an opportunity to see themselves as the star of their own story.”"

At this time it is uncertain when exactly the first Ivy and Bean movie will be released on Netflix, but we imagine the earliest the film could arrive would be late 2021. Also unclear is exactly how many of the books Netflix is planning on adapting at this time or how they might choose to release the films.

Regardless, fans can be assured Ivy and Bean will be coming to Netflix where the franchise is sure to become a hit among families and reach an even larger audience!

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