Is Big Mouth season 5 coming in 2021?

Big Mouth is a sidesplitting animated series that consistently has subscribers rolling on the floor laughing at its signature mature-themed hilarity, with many wondering if Big Mouth season 5 will be coming to in 2021.

Netflix has done an exceptional job filling its library with impressive and addictive original content from enthralling docuseries to award-winning dramas as well as everything in between.

When it comes to edgy animation, BoJack Horseman, Disenchantment, F is For Family, and Big Mouth are some of the best in the game that resides under the streaming powerhouse’s banner.

There have been four seasons and Valentine’s Days special of the adult-oriented animated coming of age sitcom, and all four seasons of the critically acclaimed and award-winning Netflix original series have excellent Rotten Tomatoes scores. It’s no surprise fans are eager to learn when the next chapter will arrive.

What is Big Mouth about?

The series follows a group of teenage friends and their literal hormone monsters as they navigate friendships, the difficulties of growing up, and the horrors of puberty in a comical manner. The cast of the laugh-out-loud affair features some big names, including Maya Rudolph, Jenny Slate, Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Fred Armisen, Kat Dennings, Gina Rodriguez, Kristen Bell, and more, adding to the many reasons Big Mouth is a must watch endeavor from start to finish.

When is Big Mouth season 5 coming out?

The news as to whether or not Big Mouth season 5 will come out this year is still somewhat a mystery. While no official release date has been revealed, one can make a decent estimation of its arrival date based on the franchise’s past schedule.

The first season came out on September 29, 2017, and the second followed on October 5, 2018. Season three arrived on October 4, 2019, with the fourth installment premiering on December 4, 2020.

The show has a tendency to show up late in the year, so there is definitely a chance that Big Mouth season 5 could make its way to the streaming service this year. Fans can hopefully expect a late 2021 release but should remember this is just speculation and remind everyone nothing has been set in stone yet.

We will be sure to keep everyone up to date on Big Mouth season 5 as it comes out. Make sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life for updates and news on the streaming service.