Is Chernobyl on Netflix?

Chernobyl - Episode 4. Photo: HBO
Chernobyl - Episode 4. Photo: HBO /

Chernobyl covers the story of one of the greatest disasters in the 20th century. Can you watch Chernobyl on Netflix? Where is the series streaming?

On April 26, 1986, disaster struck. A reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant overheated and caused a nuclear chain of reaction. It was a disaster largely covered up by the authorities involved in Ukraine.

In fact, the people close to the plant didn’t even get to know what had happened, despite them suffering from radiation poisoning. The area is still unsafe despite efforts to clean up the nuclear problem.

We still don’t really know what happened. There are still gaps in the story. However, the limited series Chernobyl offers a fictionalized telling of the story. Jared Harris, Emily Watson, and Stellan Skarsgård are among the cast of this excellently produced series—and yes, the use of the English accents was intentional.

Can you watch Chernobyl on Netflix?

You likely want to check out the show if you haven’t already. Maybe you want to rewatch it to remember certain parts of the story or because there’s an actor you forgot was in it. Can you watch Chernobyl on Netflix?

Sadly, that’s not possible. It’s also unlikely to ever be possible.

Chernobyl is an HBO Original Series. You can only stream it on HBO Now or HBO Max, and there’s simply no reason for HBO to share its original content with anyone else. That’s especially the case when there are so many streaming services now!

If you do want to own it on Digital, that is possible. You can buy the episodes on Amazon Video, Google Play, Vudu, and many other digital platforms. It’s also available via DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K for those who like to own a physical copy and get bonus material at the same time.

Chernobyl is available to stream on HBO.

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