6 best Netflix teen movies and shows to watch in March 2021

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Netflix teen movies and shows coming in March 2021

The teen scene on our favorite streaming platform is going to be on the lighter side this month compared to February, but there are still some good Netflix teen movies and shows to enjoy in March 2021.

Keeping in step with their domination of the YA adaptations market, yet another film adaptation of a young adult book will be making its home on the streamer.

No, it’s not Shadow & Bone, the Leigh Bardugo juggernaut that has book twitter abuzz with excitement. We still have another month until that ship sails on April 23, but Moxie has its own revolution happening with less war and more rebellion in the hallways.

There’s also a Sherlock Holmes adaptation to wet the whistles of mystery enthusiasts and supernatural lovers though you maybe surprised by who is in the spotlight other than the legendary man himself.

Music fans might just have a new soundtrack and story to fall in love with thanks to a movie about a troubled teen who finds his place at a Christian summer camp. Not to mention a Nickelodeon classic with an American boy band front and center. One Direction fans may remember them since the British pop group opened for them way back when. Yes, it has actually been that long.

Rounding out what Netflix has to offer teens in March is a Last Chance U spin-off docuseries and the highly anticipated return of a k-drama dealing with the consequences of a love app. So, while we won’t be swimming in teen content this month, we surely aren’t lacking for any.

Read on for more on what Netflix has on deck for teens in March!

Netflix teen movies: 1. Moxie

Based on the young adult book by Jennifer Mathieu, Moxie is a comedy-drama produced, directed, and starring Amy Poehler.

The teen film follows Vivian Carter (Hadley Robinson), a 16 year old high school student who is sick of the double standards that plague her school life. Between the sexism that bleeds into dress codes and how the teachers treat students to the toxic social environment cultivated by the students themselves, she’s ready to make a change.

Vivian draws inspiration from her mom Lisa (Amy Poehler), a staunch feminist who spent her teens rebelling against a broken system and publishing a zine with her friends. Taking a cue from her mom’s past, Vivian creates her own zine and publishes it anonymously. Her zine, along with the words and stories of her fellow classmates, sparks a revolution that the administration and the student body didn’t see coming.

Moxie will be available to stream March 3.

Netflix teen shows: 2. Last Chance U: Basketball

Coming off the wild success of Last Chance U–a Netflix original docuseries that focused on various football teams across the US–Netflix now intends to strike gold again but with a different but highly loved sport.

Last Chance U: Basketball takes the same formula that captured audiences for five seasons of the original Last Chance U and distills it to turn an appreciative eye toward basketball. In its first season, viewers will be taken to East Los Angeles College, home of the Huskies and their head coach John Mosley.

The ELAC players are focused on winning the California state basketball championship, but they also have their minds on playing D1. Goals and dreams, however, are hardly achieved without adversity getting in the way, and these players have a long journey ahead of them both on and off the court.

Last Chance U: Basketball will be available to stream on  March 10.