Is Greenhouse Academy season 5 coming in 2021?

Greenhouse Academy season 1
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Back in 2017, Greenhouse Academy started off strong. From the jump, the suspenseful drama series seemed on its way to becoming a top tween hit. And for a while, that’s exactly what happened, but nothing lasts forever.

These days, there’s no sure way to know which popular shows will be staying, getting canceled, or completely leaving Netflix next for good. With that in mind, get in those binge-watching sessions while you can, especially with Netflix Originals like this one.

Here’s what to know about Greenhouse Academy.

What is Greenhouse Academy about?

Netflix describes the plot as:

"When teen siblings Hayley and Alex enter an elite boarding school, they find rivalry, romance and a mystery related to the recent loss of their mom."

Based on the Israeli television series The Greenhouse, Greenhouse Academy received positive reviews when it first debuted. However, its viewership reportedly didn’t do much growing in its later seasons and the years that followed. Gradually, the initial intrigue surrounding the melodrama-filled science fiction series seemed to dwindle.

As one review in Meaww notes, the preteen-friendly show seriously started losing “its zing” by season four and seemed to not so mysteriously be running out of original plot points and angles. Some critics believe that’s what ultimately sealed Greenhouse Academy’s fate on Netflix.

Nonetheless, here’s what we know for sure about Greenhouse Academy season 5.

Is Greenhouse Academy season 5 happening?

Sadly, Greenhouse Academy season 5 is definitely not happening on Netflix this year, or ever. Despite its popularity among longtime fans of the series, Greenhouse Academy was canceled after only four seasons, joining a plethora of Netflix originals that have also fell victim to the believed Netflix curse.

Still, its Netflix cancellation doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t see a fifth season pop up elsewhere, somehow, someway. As noted by What’s on Netflix, there was still plenty of material left that could easily pave the way for a fifth season down the road.

But first, Greenhouse Academy will have to find a new streaming home, if and when that day comes to be.

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