5 best horror movies on Netflix this weekend: No Escape Room and more

Red Dot -- Courtesy of Netflix
Red Dot -- Courtesy of Netflix /

Looking for a spooky way to spend your weekend? Netflix is the go-to streaming service for that! Here are the top five horror movies we recommend you check out this weekend for chills and thrills.

This weekend is rather quiet over at Netflix, with only two big feature releases. We are used to receiving more content from the streaming titan, but it is the end of the month! And March 2021 does have some promising features we can’t wait to watch!

Even if Netflix doesn’t have too much to offer, though, their list of horror movies is never-ending! There are so many hidden chills that have yet to be discovered and continue to be overlooked by the hit movies and shows. Well, that’s why we’re here.

If you’re not sure what to watch or don’t want to spend much time surfing titles, you may want to have a look at the five recommendations we list for you, below.

Good horror movies on Netflix

1. Red Dot

Red Dot is a February 2021 release. After I watched it, I told friends about it who appeared unaware of its recent release. It may not be the most terrifying movie on this list, but the thrills make it worth watching. After all, I believe the best scares are psychological, don’t you?

The Swedish movie follows a young couple who try to rekindle their marriage by taking a  trip. They soon find themselves isolated and prey to an unseen threat.

2. No Escape Room

Part of the reason escape rooms are so fun is because there’s a thrill to them. For a moment, it feels real. Well, for the father and daughter duo in No Escape Room, things become a little too real. Their adventure takes a horrifying turn.

3. Horns

Now, as much as I loved the Harry Potter franchise, I have to admit I never watched this Daniel Radcliffe movie. When I saw it was streaming on Netflix, I figured why not! Well, glad I did!

Horns is very different from other supernatural horrors, and it’s not for everyone, I’ll tell you that much! It follows Ig Perish (Radcliffe), who wakes up with horns that make other people confess their sins to him.

4. Hell Fest

When we put this list together, we like to include a little bit of everything. So Hell Fest is for the fans who enjoy some violence in their horror movies. It features a group of friends who are being murdered one by one.

5. Death of Me

When a  movie features a couple on vacation, it’s either a comedy or a horror, there’s no in-between! In this case, it’s the latter. A couple on vacation discover a video that shows one of them killing the other. Is it a clever joke? A snippet of the future? What happened that pushed them to commit murder? They must unravel the mystery before the events come true.

Have you seen any of the movies on this list? What will you be watching this weekend? Let us know if we missed any good horrors!

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