Lucifer season 5 part 2 is not coming to Netflix in March 2021

Lucifer season 5 part 2 is not coming in March 2021, but hang tight, Lucifer, the wait will soon be over!

Yes, I know we bring you this update every month, but we did tell you all to count on us for all Lucifer updates, including the release date. Trust me, here at Netflix Life we’re keeping a close eye on things.

That said, once again, we are sad to report that as exciting as we all are for the movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in March, Lucifer will not be included in the bunch. The list of March 2021 releases is out and we read it twice.

Don’t be too disappointed, though! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for the handsome devil, and it’s coming sooner rather than later. That’s right, even though March won’t bring us the gift of Lucifer season 5 part 2, new episodes will soon arrive.

Hey, at least new episodes are on the way! It wasn’t too long ago that we believed the series was canceled for good. So how soon is Lucifer season 5 part 2 coming to Netflix?

Possible premiere dates for Lucifer season 5 part 2

Lucifer season 5 part 1 premiered on the streaming titan on Aug. 21, 2020, that’s about six months ago. Technically, a March 2021 debut would have been great as each half would only be six months apart.

Unfortunately, no one was counting on COVID-19 to interrupt things. Understandably, production was put on hold for the cast and crew’s safety. Filming resumed in late 2020.

So when could new episodes debut? Our gut says April 2021. Think about it, how amazing would an Easter weekend premiere be? After all, Lucifer did give us a “He is risen” teaser last year. It would be perfect.

When do you think the second part of season 5 will drop on Netflix?

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