Is In the Dark season 3 coming to Netflix in 2021?

Since The CW’s crime dramedy In the Dark typically debuts new seasons in the spring, you’re probably wondering when the next season will premiere. More likely, you’re wondering just when exactly In the Dark season 3 will be available to stream on Netflix. While that date hasn’t been specifically announced, we can confirm season 3 of the TV series will arrive in 2021.

In the Dark centers on Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld), who’s blind and has something of a self-destructive streak. Although she has little interest in her job at Guiding Hope, her parents’ guide dog training center, she immerses herself in the investigation of the supposed murder of her young friend. Little does she know, her involvement will take her and her friends down a dark path.

For now, the first two seasons of 13 episodes each are ready and waiting to stream on Netflix. As one of the most underrated shows on both The CW and Netflix, In the Dark deserves to be discovered by as many people as possible before season 3 arrives later in 2021. On top of that, fans already have season 4 to look forward to, since the network handed out lots of early renewals.

But before we get ahead of ourselves with season 4, it’s time to dive into the estimated release date for In the Dark season 3 on Netflix. We can expect the season to start streaming sometime in 2021, but let’s take a closer look at all the details.

Will In the Dark season 3 be on Netflix this year?

Currently, The CW has yet to announce an official premiere date for the third season. But considering almost every show in its lineup has been significantly pushed, we should anticipate In the Dark to follow suit. While production on the season has been in motion since late 2020, the show’s seasons usually premiere after filming has wrapped on all 13 episodes.

The best premiere date estimate for In the Dark and the rest of The CW’s midseason programming should be summer 2021. In the Dark’s seasons usually span about three to four months and thereafter bring the new episodes to Netflix one week after the season finale. We’re looking at a late summer to fall bow for season 3 on Netflix. But with nothing certain these days, prepare for some give and take.

If you’re looking for a refresher on what went down in the season 2 finale and what’s to come soon in In the Dark season 3, check out the cast and creator breaking it all down at their Comic-Con panel in the video below.

In the Dark season 3 premieres on The CW in 2021.