Tiger King season 2 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

Tiger King ended up being a massive hit with subscribers, and now it seems that Netflix is going to be developing Tiger King season 2 to give viewers more of the wild docuseries, according to What’s on Netflix.

No one could have expected that this documentary series would have been so well-received by viewers, but according to Nielsen ratings, the enticing affair chronicling the exhilarating and oftentimes illegal world of big cat collectors and conservationists, 34.3 million people binged the captivating ordeal over the course of its first ten days available on the streaming service. It became so popular an additional episode aired with Joel McHale guest hosting that featured more interviews featuring several stars of the docuseries.

The Netflix original offered an unprecedented amount of access into the lives of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and several other big names in the world of the tiger trade. These individuals that live like royalty with multiple spouses and rubbing elbows with major celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal and Beyonce became quick fan-favorites with subscribers with several big names showcasing interest in playing these roles in a potential live-action adaptation of the unbelievable tale of tigers, explosions, and murder.

Now it seems another run is on the way as BBC reported that the streaming powerhouse has officially secured rights for Tiger King season 2. James Garretson and John Reinke, stars of the show, have also hinted that the next chapter is on the way in valentine’s day messages on the celebrity messaging service Cameo.

Tiger King season 2 release date

No official release date has been put out by Netflix for Tiger King season 2,  but in certain Cameo videos, James Garretson teased that something is happening in March or April 2021.

The first set of episodes was released on March 20, 2020, and the bonus entry arrived on the streaming service on April 12, 2020. So if Garretson turns out to be right, Tiger King season 2 will be released about a year after its initial run.

Tiger King season 2 cast

There is no telling who will make up the cats of Tiger King season 2. It would seem that Reinke and Garretson are in on the mix. Joe Exotic, who failed to receive a pardon from former President Trump, is still incarcerated.

Carole Baskins recently was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and it’s unknown if she’ll be back for another run. As to who else could be in the mix for Tiger King season 2 is anyone’s guess at this point, and it will be exciting to see who makes the cut the next time around.

Tiger King season 2 synopsis

Netflix has yet to release any kind of plot details regarding Tiger King season 2, and a synopsis could arrive any day now if the rumors pertaining to another installment being in the works turns out to be true. Hopefully, the Netflix original series will find a way to outdo its first season, which is a tall order considering how well the first iteration did.

Tiger King season 2 trailer

No trailer has been released for Tiger King season 2, and it will be interesting to see what will go down in the first exciting preview of the highly anticipated next outing. As soon as Netflix puts out any kind of teaser, we will be sure to share it with everyone.