25 shows Netflix should be embarrassed about canceling

Photo: Betty Gilpin, Alison Brie.. GLOW: Season 3.. Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix
Photo: Betty Gilpin, Alison Brie.. GLOW: Season 3.. Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix /
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Is The OA canceled?

Seasons: 2

Created By: Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij

Starring: Brit Marling, Emory Cohen, Scott Wilson, Phyllis Smith, Alice Krige, Patrick Gibson, Brendan Meyer, Brandon Perea, Ian Alexander, Jason Isaacs, Sharon Van Etten, Paz Vega, Will Brill, Chloe Levine, Kingsley Ben-Adir

Whether it’s Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Westworld or any number of limited series, an elite handful of shows have cultivated an audience hungry for a good, mysterious binge-watch. We crave shows that keep us captivated, keep us guessing and keep us wanting more. Over the past few years, Netflix has scored a few of these kinds of series, including head-scratcher delight The OA. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after two seasons.

Brit Marling, who also co-created the series, stars in The OA as Prairie Johnson, who returns under mysterious circumstances after having been missing for seven years. Prairie resurfaces calling herself The OA and with the ability to see, which she hadn’t possessed prior to her disappearance. The series embarks on a journey of twists and turns to answer questions surrounding The OA’s missing years.

The first season of The OA received mixed to positive reception with its 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the second season earned more critical acclaim and holds a 92% rating. In spite of the creators’ intent to tell a five-part story and the rampant fan demand (remember that hunger strike?), The OA ended its run with a cliffhanger without even a chance to wrap up the story in any way. Plenty of OA fans will take this one to the grave.