What is No Escape Room on Netflix about?

Attention, horror lovers: There’s a new spooky movie that’s been added to Netflix, and we’re here to break down what it’s all about. If you logged onto the streaming service this week and saw the title No Escape Room pop up, you might be wondering if it’s actually worth watching. Although the platform has a ton of horror movies to pick from, many of them are unfortunately duds. But as we’re all home looking for things to watch during quarantine, perhaps No Escape Room will be added to your queue.

While there have been numerous movies over the years titled Escape Room, No Escape Room is not to be confused with the 2018 film starring Riverdale‘s Skeet Ulrich, or the 2019 one with Taylor Russell. This horror flick is a TV movie that debuted back in 2018, starring lesser-known actors Jeni Ross, Kathryn Davis, Mark Ghanime, and Hamza Haq.

No Escape Room synopsis

No Escape Room follows Michael and Karen, a father and daughter who while looking for a fun activity to do on a trip, go to an escape room. But this isn’t your everyday escape room experience you’d play with your friends on a Friday night. This one has sinister intentions, and the two central characters soon realize they can’t always trust the other members of the group. Together, the escape room players face a battle for their survival as they try to get out of the house alive.

The film is currently #4 on Netflix’s Top 10 movies, which isn’t entirely surprising. Although it has a disappointing 40% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, the fact that it’s streaming on the platform means it’s accessible and easy to throw on. I wouldn’t personally recommend this movie if you’re in the mood for something fantastic, but if you’re looking for something to throw on with low expectations, No Escape Room might be for you.

No Escape Room trailer

You can check out the trailer below and determine for yourself whether or not you think it’s worth watching.

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