5 good teen Netflix shows in languages other than English

Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix
Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix /
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Non-English Teen Netflix shows

Hi, Netflix Lifers! I’m back with another teen media offering this week for those who have successfully laughed and cried through all the rom-coms they can handle. This time we’re diving into teen Netflix shows that aren’t in English (which are light on Black leads, let’s fix that, Netflix!).

I’m an American who is guilty as charged when it comes to very navel-gazing TV viewing habits, aka predominately watching U.S. centric shows in English, and I know I’m not alone in this bubble that desperately needs to be popped.

Y’all, we’re Netflix enthusiasts and the streamer has a plethora of non-English/non-U.S. titles. Teen Netflix shows are no exception.

So, if you’re like me and you’re looking to branch out of your comfort zone, learn about other cultures either outside of a Western context or an American one, and want to watch a series that has you falling down a rabbit hole of breathless episode viewing then check out this short list of Netflix teen shows with the potential to hit that binge-worthy spot.

1. Curon (Season 1)

Rated TV-MA : Language – Italian

Moving from Milan to the small town of Curon is not high on the list of things to be happy about for twins Daria and Mauro Raina in the supernatural drama Curon. But there mother Anna’s persistent nightmares concerning their grandmother’s death 17 years ago have brought them back to this sleepy lakeside town that’s as unwelcoming as it is cold. When their mother disappears, however, Daria and Mauro are forced to contend with her past and the not-quite-right happenings in Curon.

Curon deals with issues of homophobia, murder, parental death, and grief. The series includes sexual exploration, strong language, violence, and drug/alcohol use.

Season one of Curon is available to stream. The series has yet to be renewed for a second season.

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