Is Attack on Titan on Netflix in 2021?

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If you’re a fan of the mega-popular anime series Attack on Titan, you likely know that its availability on Netflix has truly been unpredictable over the years. The fan-favorite show began back in 2013 and is an adaptation of the Japanese manga of the same name. Attack on Titan season 4, which is currently airing, marks its last.

As of the beginning of February 2021, the fantasy series reached an insane achievement, as according to Comic Book, it was named the most in-demand show in the United States. Parrot Analytics determined that Attack on Titan had the highest TV rating between the dates of January 31 to February 6, beating out the likes of Saturday Night Live, Cobra Kai, competitor My Hero Academia, and even The Mandalorian.

So with such high demand, where are fans watching Attack on Titan in the United States this year? Is it streaming on Netflix in 2021? Well, unfortunately, the short answer is no. The popular series is not available on the streaming service anymore, which is super unfortunate for fans. It was removed this month.

Why isn’t Attack on Titan on Netflix anymore?

According to What’s On Netflix, Netflix in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have all let their licenses with the show expire. The good news, however, is that it could be coming back at some point. As the publication points out, Attack on Titan was removed from Netflix back in January 2019, and was added back only a month later. That’s hopeful for fans who are only subscribed to Netflix.

Where to watch Attack on Titan

If you’re impatient and want to watch Attack on Titan now, we don’t blame you. You can watch all episodes, even including season 4, on Hulu.

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We’ll make sure to keep you updated once the series makes its way back to Netflix US, if it ever does.