The Crew season 2 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

Kevin James returns to the small screen world of comedy with the Netflix original series, The Crew. After the first gut-busting ten episodes became available on February 15, 2021, fans were quick to focus their attention on whether or not the streaming service was interested in making The Crew season 2.

The Crew is a side-splitting series that takes place in a NASCAR garage and follows the members of the race team after things swerve off track when a new boss comes in hoping to shake things up. The crew chief hilariously butts heads with the owner’s daughter who is now in charge and extremely focused on bringing home a championship, resulting in some fun-filled moments subscribers will not want to miss.

Alongside James is a solid cast of talented individuals including Jillian Mueller, Gary Anthony Williams. and Dan Adhoot. Get Shorty and Billions actress Sarah Stiles is also in the mix, as well as Bridgerton’s Freddie Stroma, adding to the many reasons fans should be excited for The Crew season 2.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet announced what they are planning to do when it comes to the future of the franchise and the status of The Crew season 2. It’s still early days and there is plenty of time for the show to get the chance to race onto the streaming service once again.

The Crew season 2 release date

Assuming the streaming network determines that the Nascar-themed comedy makes enough of an impact with subscribers that another chapter is a worthwhile endeavor, it could be sometime before we know when The Crew season 2 will be off to the races once again.

It isn’t crazy to guess that another season of the comedy series starring the former King Of Queens star could be back in action sometime in 2022 barring any unforeseen setbacks, but while that does seem plausible, it still remains to be just speculation at this time.

The Crew season 2 cast

Nothing has been set in stone regarding who will make up the roster when it comes to The Crew season 2 and it’s probably safe to presume that most of the cast will return if Netflix decides to make more episodes. James and the rest of the fan-favorites would be missed if they did not come back and the chemistry that was witnessed in the initial entries can only get better, enforcing the reasons for them to return.

There will be a slew of new and familiar faces in The Crew season 2. It wouldn’t be surprising if Leah Remini or Adam Sandler show up at some point as they are frequent collaborators with James over the years and would absolutely be a welcomed addition to the Netflix original comedy.

The Crew season 2 synopsis

It’s anyone’s guess as to what could happen in The Crew season 2 and until more information is revealed as to whether or not another iteration is on the agenda fans will have to wait and see what will be in store for everyone in the sequel set of installments. Whatever does happen, if subscribers enjoyed the first ordeal, they definitely won’t want to miss the potential fantastic follow-up.

The Crew season 2 trailer

Netflix has not released any kind of preview or date announcement video for The Crew season 2 and until more is known about the show’s renewal status, it would be very wise for fans to not expect any kind of teaser to come out until much closer to the still unknown release date as is the customary practice for such a thing within the industry. As soon as the streaming service releases anything of that nature, we will be sure to share it with everyone.

As information comes out about The Crew season 2, we will be sure to keep everyone up to date on this series as well as everything else Netflix has to offer.