Why isn’t Jordan Fisher in To All the Boys 3?

One thing To All the Boys fans needed to know was whether Jordan Fisher would be in the third movie. Why wasn’t he in To All the Boys 3?

We’d already prepared everyone for Jordan Fisher not to be in the third movieTo All the Boys: Always and Forever wasn’t listed on his IMDb profile, which certainly had us concerned.

I mean, who doesn’t love John Ambrose? Did anyone else wish he and Lara Jean would end up together despite knowing that it was always going to be Lara Jean and Peter?

So, why wasn’t Fisher in the movie? Where was John Ambrose?

John Ambrose was out of the running for Lara Jean in To All the Boys 3

The second movie, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, made it clear that there wasn’t room for John Ambrose anymore. Despite Lara Jean writing him a love letter, which he got when Kitty went through the letters and mailed them in the first movie, she realized that her heart belonged to another boy.

Peter Kavinsky was her choice. And to show how much of a great guy he is, John Ambrose stepped out of the fight to woo her. He knew it was never going to be him. That made me love him even more!

There was no need for John Ambrose to turn up in the third movie. What was the point him hanging around just to see his heart continually getting broken? Had Lara Jean not definitely chosen Peter by the end of the second movie, I could see him sticking around, but there was just no need for him to be there.

To All the Boys 3 was all about Lara Jean choosing a college. Yes, it was about her and Peter’s relationship, but it was mostly about Lara Jean figuring out what she wants in life. Which college would make her happy?

So, it’s sad for John Ambrose fans that Jordan Fisher wasn’t in To All the Boys 3, but there was an understandable reason for it.