35 best romantic movies and shows on Netflix in 2021

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You - Lana Condor, Noah Centineo - Photo Credit: Netflix / Bettina Strauss
To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You - Lana Condor, Noah Centineo - Photo Credit: Netflix / Bettina Strauss /
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LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 23: (L to R) Producer Kris Thykier, actors Richard Coyle, James D’Arcy, filmmaker Madonna, actors Andrea Riseborough, Laurence Fox, and Katie McGrath attend the premiere for ‘W.E’ at The 55th BFI London Film Festival at The Empire Leicester Square on October 23, 2011 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images) /

31. W.E.

W.E. is a romantic drama directed by Madonna and stars Abbie Cornish, Andrea Riseborough, James D’Arcy, Oscar Isaac, Richard Coyle, David Harbour, James Fox, Natalie Dormer, Katie McGrath, and Judy Parfitt.

The movie switches time periods between 1998 and Wally Winthrop who is unhappily married to her husband William, and 1930 and the relationship between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. Wally is obsessed with the story of Edward and Wallis and goes to an auction for some of their belongings.

The film then switches to 1930 when Wallis and Edward meet and become lovers. After four years as lovers, Edward is still obsessed with her so he introduces her to his parents. It…does not go well. It also doesn’t help that the government won’t recognize their relationship as real because Wallis is a divorcee. *eye roll*

When we go back to 1998, Wally is still at Sotheby’s where she meet Evgeni, a man who is clearly interested in her. When William refuses to have a child, she goes on a date with Evgeni (He’s played by Oscar Isaac so who can blame her!). As she’s there, she wonders if she should have a relationship like Edward and Wallis. Her wonder is short-lived when she comes back home to a drunk and abusive William.

Back in the1936, Edward goes on the radio and tells the nation that he’s abdicating his role as king so that he can be with Wallis. They were on a break in their relationship, but when Wallis hears the message, she decides to reconcile. At that point, does she really have a choice? He kind of took that away.

Back in 1998, Evgeni tries to get a hold of Wally but when he can’t, he goes to her home and when he finds her injured, he takes her back to his place. Only when she’s recovered, does she decide to divorce William. She also finds out that Edward and Wallis’s relationship was not everything it seemed.

This is a fascinating film because it not only analyzes a famous relationship from history but also discusses what happiness means. It doesn’t always look like what we expect or what we obsess over.

If you’re a historical fiction/romance fan, this is definitely a movie you’ll want to check out on Netflix!