35 best romantic movies and shows on Netflix in 2021

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You - Lana Condor, Noah Centineo - Photo Credit: Netflix / Bettina Strauss
To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You - Lana Condor, Noah Centineo - Photo Credit: Netflix / Bettina Strauss /
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LONDON-September 22: Actress Julia Roberts attends the ‘Eat Pray Love’ Premiere at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square on September 22, 2010 in London. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images) /

13. Runaway Bride

Maybe you’re looking for more of a classic rom-com? If so, you really can’t go wrong with Runaway Bride. It’s Julia Roberts and Richard Gere! The queen and king of rom-coms! It’s gonna be cute and it’s gonna be romantic.

Besides Roberts and Gere, the film also stars Joan Cusack, Hector Elizondo, Rita Wilson, Paul Dooley, Christopher Meloni, and Donal Logue.

The film starts with Maggie Carpenter (played by Julia Roberts) who is a normal woman living in a small town, except there is one catch: she has run away from multiple weddings and always leaves the grooms at the altar. When one of these escapes is caught on tape, she is deemed The Runaway Bride.

This catches the attention of a columnist in New York, Homer “Ike” Graham (played by Richard Gere). When he writes a piece that contains lots of factual errors, he is fired but he’s given one more chance and is allowed to do a piece on the story on The Runaway Bride

He takes the story and travels to Maggie’s city to find her. He quickly spots her and learns she is on her fourth attempt to be married. But as he begins to form the story, Maggie feels he’s getting it all wrong.

Determined to get him to print the truth, Maggie and Ike start working together and become close. This comes to a head during the rehearsal ceremony where Ike and Maggie kiss at the altar making her current fiance punch Ike in the face.

Ike and Maggie decide to get married, but despite how close their relationship is, she still runs. Can he get her back? And can Maggie figure out why she’s running? If you haven’t seen this one, you’ll have to check it out on Netflix and see how it ends!