Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith Grey doesn’t need another romantic love story

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When it comes to epic love stories, there is no denying that Grey’s Anatomy holds one of the top spots in pop culture history thanks to the incredible love story between Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd.

The love story of Meredith and Derek was part of what helped make Grey’s Anatomy one of the most-talked-about shows during its early seasons as their romance quickly swept fans off their feet. What ironically started as a one-night stand, would blossom into one of the most epic romances not only for the show but on television.

Following Derek’s death in season 11, Grey’s took some time for Meredith to understandably process the loss of the love of her life but it wasn’t long after that the powers that be tried to thrust Meredith back into yet another love story.

Let’s see, there was surgical oncologist William Thorpe who was Mer’s first true post-Derek fling and we all know how that went. Then there was transplant surgeon Nick Marsh, who got flirty with Meredith during Scott Speedman’s one-off cameo. This was followed by the introduction of Nathan Riggs, who Meredith enjoyed a brief flirtation with before his departure to be with his former fiancee Megan Hunt.

After those more brief flings, Grey’s Anatomy finally put Meredith into a more serious relationship with Dr. Andrew DeLucas. Thanks to its slower pacing, this relationship didn’t quite feel as forced as the many previous attempts but as of late it’s looking as though MerLuca could be officially over, with the writers having a bit too much fun in creating a new love triangle with pediatric surgeon Dr. Cormac Hayes.

In other words, Meredith’s love life has been quite complicated since Derek’s departure.

It’s okay for Meredith Grey to be single on Grey’s Anatomy

While complicated is perhaps one of the best ways to describe Grey’s Anatomy and romance has always been at the heart of the show, it’s okay for the show to accept that Meredith had an epic love story and can be just as compelling to viewers as an independent single.

Look, don’t get me wrong, Meredith and DeLuca quickly won me over and I love their dynamic. There’s also no denying Ellen Pompeo has incredible chemistry with Richard Flood, making it easy to understand why fans have been quick to ship Meredith in Hayes. However, as we recently discussed in an episode of Netflix Life: A Streaming TV Podcast, Ellen Pompeo is an amazing actress who is more than capable of leading the show without a male counterpart in her life and it’s possible to have a love story which isn’t necessarily romantic.

As Grey’s Anatomy and countless other shows have shown us, you can have a love story about  family which can still be just as compelling as a romantic storyline between two characters.

We’ve already seen Grey’s tap into this angle with a larger focus on Meredith’s role as a mother and the relationships she has with her sisters Amelia and Maggie, but it still feels like these dynamics at times take a back seat to Meredith’s more romantic relationships.

If Derek’s return has taught us anything, it’s that no matter how hard the show might try, there’s no duplicating the epic love story Meredith experienced with Derek. A love like what Meredith with Derek had doesn’t ever die, so perhaps instead of forcing relationships upon Mer we finally allow her to stand on her own. After all, Meredith Grey is a badass, award-winning surgical genius who doesn’t exactly need a man to complete her.

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