Outer Banks star Chase Stokes partners with Sweet Earth Foods for Valentine’s Day event

Photo: OUTER BANKS - Courtesy of Curtis Baker/Netflix
Photo: OUTER BANKS - Courtesy of Curtis Baker/Netflix /

Valentine’s Day is around the corner but tonight Outer Banks star Chase Stokes is hosting an event with Sweet Earth Foods focused on dating and dietary differences.

The Veggie Lovers Virtual Dating Event kicks off at 6 pm EST on Wednesday, Feb. 10, and will be a Q&A style sit-down featuring OKCupid Dating Expert Damona Hoffman.

Together the two will be discussing being open to a plant-based lifestyle and how food preferences have shaped the dating world.

Stokes’ partnership with the Sweet Earth Foods brand is based on his own food journey from meat eater to flexitarian.

He has said, “Finding someone to date can be tough enough without having the dreaded ‘what to eat for dinner’ question get in the way of a potential match. When Maddie and I started dating, I didn’t have any ambitions to adopt a plant-based diet, but I really started liking the food when I tried Sweet Earth products and realized there’s a ton of variety available if you want to eat less meat.”

Stokes’ open mind toward being flexible on food options has led to his interest in encouraging others to expand their own dietary horizons especially in the case of a potential romance with someone who eats differently.

As Sweet Earth’s 2021 Dating + Diets survey has found, a person’s dating pool can see a significant decrease when it comes to diverging eating preferences.

According to their survey:

"For both plant-based dieters and non-dieters alike, almost half rank diet over politics – specifically, that having a similar diet is more important in a partner than having similar political  ideologies (non-plant-based: 46%, flexitarian: 46%, vegetarians: 36%, vegans: 41%)"

Clearly, different dietary habits is a dating roadblock for some.

It’s a point that Hoffman has commented on, too, with the addition of discouraging daters from closing their minds to change.

"What a person eats doesn’t define their whole identity, but for some it can result in a polarizing  perception of compatibility despite there being several other dimensions of relationships that tend to  matter much more,For online daters, in-app questions conveniently do the work to help people find better matches, but I always encourage being open minded. In fact, thousands of people on OkCupid said they participated in ‘Veganuary” last month, showing what we eat can change and offering an interesting opportunity to explore differences."

The Veggie Lovers Virtual Dating Event will conclude with an exclusive and private speed dating event following Stokes and Hoffman’s Q&A.

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