Malcolm and Marie Review: Zendaya is superb in brilliantly written Netflix flick


There is no denying that even before anyone sees the Netflix film that Malcolm and Marie has a lot going for it. For one, it reunites Zendaya with director Sam Levinson whose previous collaboration, Euphoria, has netted a sincere amount of critical acclaim and a Primetime Emmy for Zendaya.

The HBO series proved to the former Disney actress and MCU side player, criminally undervalued as Spider-Man’s love interest Mary Jane that she is much more than the girl that has been playing 16 since she was sixteen, and Malcolm and Marie will most likely solidify her as a force to be reckoned with in the leading role.

Opposite her is Tenet’s star John David Washington. Together the three of them, along with a very talented crew of individuals, put together the first film to be started and completed during the pandemic shooting from June 2020 to July 2020.

The end result is a beautiful black and white film magnificently depicting the dichotomy of chaos and passion that make up the crazy thing people put themselves through no matter what the cast, called relationships.

Should I watch Malcolm and Marie on Netflix?

Malcolm and Marie follows a couple coming home from a successful movie premiere by Washington’s Malcolm, a very opinionated and overzealous up-and-coming filmmaker who just had the best night of his life. But his girlfriend Marie isn’t as thrilled about how the night went down, and what starts out as one argument slowly blossoms into an intriguing and oftentimes insightful look at how two people coexist among all their flaws.

Watching two people fight sounds like the least entertaining thing anyone could suggest watching on movie night, but the elegance, style, and dialogue of Malcolm and Marie make it an exceptional experience as viewers find themselves quickly enthralled in the couples back and forth while simultaneously rooting for and against them to make it in the end and live happily ever after. There is something really remarkable and enticing about viewing the scale of mutual support teeter back and forth in such a chaotic manner, which is just one of the many highlights Malcolm and Marie has to offer.

The Netflix endeavor doesn’t shy away from giving its full, unfiltered opinion about the state of the industry today, which probably explains why critics aren’t a fan of the film, because, let’s be honest, most of them can dish it better than they can take it. While some of the thoughts on the matter mentioned in the motion picture may be a stretch, a good chunk of it is right on the nose, which may be a tough pill to swallow for some. Others may be right in taking the well-placed constructive criticism Malcolm and Marie throws in at no additional charge to good use.

Overall, this magnetic affair showcases a brutally enthralling and heartwrenching narrative with an above-average excellence in all aspects of filmmaking, from its superb screenplay to the gorgeous cinematography. But the MVP’s of Malcolm & Marie and are the talent bringing the titular duo to life, both giving career-defining, Hall of Fame-caliber performances from start to finish.

The Euphoria star gives viewers a front-row seat to a masterclass in acting where once they strap in, the roller coaster ride of emotions she takes them on as the underappreciated, ex-junkie model Marie can only be described as the epitome of breathtaking. While she is drop-dead fantastic in regards to the well-written dialogue, it is truly a stunning thing to behold when an actress can covey so much through mere facial expressions without the use of dialogue, which Zendaya does throughout the film in flawless fashion.

On the other end is the Tenet protagonist Washington as Marie’s boyfriend Malcolm, whose very articulate and gut-punching views and ideas seem to always explode around him, leaving others to try and survive the scars from the shrapnel that are left behind in the wake of such emotional terror. His exhaustingly explicit monologues are impressively executed making one hate the character with every show-off reference and maniacal rant he makes while revering the actor for his genius take on the self-destructive ego of an artist.

The acting does an outstanding job of complementing Levinson’s excellent screenplay, considering the limitations he had to deal with given the extenuating circumstances. But more importantly, the writing’s elegant approach delicately lights the fuse of every scene slowly spiraling to an explosively contained conclusion setting things up for the next round resulting in an outstanding championship-esque fight that will keep subscribers incredibly entertained.

The way it displays the inner workings of relationships could be difficult to grasp for those that have never been in a meaningful one, which could also be a symptom of the negative feedback the film has received. But for those that are mature enough not to get caught up in insecurities or misplaced aggression of others will definitely appreciate what Malcolm and Marie has to offer in the form of a story.

And last but certainly not least on the highlight reel is the outstanding cinematography. The shots work well with the stylish black and white, making the crips-looking film appear as if it is a timeless classic from the past. The way Marcel Rev is able to capture the passion and turmoil running rampant through Malcolm and Marie adds robust value to the cinematic experience and enhances the story’s entertainment value massively.

The Netflix film isn’t just for those that love great cinema. For those that love reality TV because they enjoy the drama that unfolds when people that love each other verbally assault one another, Malcolm and Marie is like a top-shelf, super-luxury version from two recognizable stars they will not want to miss.

For a film with just two people with no monsters, explosions, or fights scenes, it’s amazing how hooked viewers will find themselves when they experience Malcolm and Marie. If you are looking for a fascinating and immediately engrossing motion picture with box office players showcasing depth, range, and emotion like never before in a relatable and magnetic story, then by no means look no further than what could easily be a spectacular contender for one of the best films of 2021.

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