Stranger Things season 4 expected to be released in 2021

Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things fans around the world have been waiting for Netflix to confirm a release date for Stranger Things season 4.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when Stranger Things season 4 will premiere exactly, but things are looking pretty promising for a 2021 release date.

Production started on season 4 in early 2020, but production was shut down shortly after it began because of the pandemic. Filming resumed in Atlanta in the fall of 2020, and things have been moving along, albeit at a slower pace than normal.

But, things are looking pretty good now!

What is the release date of Stranger Things season 4?

It’s been a minute since we heard anything major about the Stranger Things season 4 release date, but a recent TV Line report, is starting to get fans excited about the new season.

According to Michael Ausiello of TV Line, it sounds like Stranger Things season 4 is likely coming to Netflix sometime in 2021. The TV Line report states:

"“The good news: Shooting on Season 4 resumed last fall in Georgia and there’s every reason to believe we’ll be revisiting Hawkins before the year is out.”"

That is really good news! I know many fans are worried that Stranger Things season 4 could be pushed back to 2022.

We were expecting to see new episodes in early 2021, so pushing the season back to 2022 would be a big bummer.

On top to that, a 2021 release date, especially a late 2021 release date, is in line with what we’ve been expecting since the early days of the pandemic.

As long as production wraps by like April or May 2021, post-production and release should be able to be accomplished by the end of the year.

At the time of publishing, we’re looking at a September 2021 release date at the earliest. Production is going to last at least another month, and possibly even longer. If it ends soon, we have to look about six months down the line to predict the Stranger Things season 4 release date. So, if production ends in March or April, a September, October, or November release date is possible.

That’s probably best-case scenario at this point.

It should also be noted that Netflix likes to release some of its biggest shows around Christmas. We saw this for The Witcher and Bridgerton in back to back years. Could Stranger Things be the next big Christmastime release? It’s possible!

I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Christmas episode or setting, though.

It’s really good to see any Stranger Things season 4 release date news! We’ll let you know if we see any more news about the new season.

We’ve heard some rumors about season 4 lately that you might want to look into when you have some time.

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