Netflix Life Podcast: Stranger Things 4 casting rumors, Teen Wolf season 7 and more

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There’s been a lot of big Netflix news and rumors to discuss the latest episode of Netflix Life: A Streaming TV Podcast, including a Stranger Things 4 casting rumor making waves on social media.

Cody and I kicked things off with a Sweet Magnolias season 2 update. Fans have been asking when the new season is coming to Netflix, and we found some interesting information online about production to share with Sweet Magnolias fans. We also touched on some big Netflix announcements, including the Shadow and Bone release date and the Too Hot to Handle season 2 renewal. Both news items were announced in the last week.

Right before we recorded the podcast, we found out about the new Stranger Things season 4 casting rumor, mentioned above. We shared our thoughts on a main character from an older season returning for Stranger Things season 4. Exciting stuff!

We’ve been asked regularly if Netflix would consider saving Teen Wolf and making Teen Wolf season 7 happen. Cody and I shared our thoughts on a Teen Wolf revival at Netflix, the odds of it happening, and why Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien want to make it happen.

Netflix Life Podcast: Is Teen Wolf season 7 happening?

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In the next episode, which will be released on Monday, Feb. 1, we’re talking Golden Globes nominations and more before they’re announced on Wednesday, Feb. 3.

See you next week!

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